About me!

Hi, I'm Ellen, a 20 year old girl, from Kilkenny in Ireland, who loves my cat Belle and has a desire to one day travel the world.

It was July 14th 2014 when I started my blogging adventure with my blog FishnetsxD. The name derives from the fact that I used to be obsessed with using the xD emoji face and constantly wore Fishnet tights and stockings when I was 15 or 16.

Initially, a summer project before starting University in University College Dublin as an Agriculturist, FishnetsxD has grown to be a vast collection of moments, memories and lessons obtained in my life since the age of 18.

Expect to see posts relating to lifestyle, travel, the odd beauty or fashion post as well as some food related posts. I like to keep my content quite varied and unpredictable on here! One day I could be raving about a green smoothie, the next I could be showing off a really cute outfit I wore!

I aim to write posts approximately 3 times a week minimum, although there are no rules to blogging, so whenever I can suits! Be sure to follow me on Twitter and Blog Lovin' to always remain up to date with my content!

I really hope that you'll enjoy reading my blog and become and remain a loyal follower!