Places I'd Like to Travel to in the Next Year!


The travel bug I have is chronic. It just never goes away. Once one trip is over and done with, it doesn’t take too much time to pass before I’m at least talking about planning the next trip! When I was in Prague last July, I booked my birthday trip to Amsterdam on my last day of that trip. I love exploring different places and it's nice to have something to look forward to. 

A lot of you may know that I’ve decided to take a gap year before doing another course or graduate programme. I want to take the time to finish learning how to drive, to find myself and to do fun things along the way. Naturally, I would also like to do a bit of traveling. So in today’s post, I thought I would share a few of the destinations I’ve been daydreaming about! I know that realistically not all of these trips can happen, but I thought I would share anyway in case anyone is looking for so travel inspiration.

Places I would like to Travel to in the Next Year! 

1. Budapest Hungary 

Capital and the most populous city of Hungary, Budapest has been on my bucket list for quite a few months now. In pictures I've seen, this city has some beautiful architecture including castles which look like something you'd find in a fairytale. Budapest is also super affordable and supposedly has great nightlife! 

2. Copenhagen, Denmark 

Home to Hans Christian Anderson and The Little Mermaid, Copenhagen has been on my bucket list for a while. Copenhagen is the capital city of Denmark and is just a bridge away from its neighbour Sweden. I believe that a pleasant weekend could be spent here with a cheap ticket from Ryanair. There are loads of things on offer in this quirky little city such as the beautiful Nyhavn harbour. 

3. Marrakech, Morocco 

Vibrant and colourful, Marrakech in Morocco is somewhere I have been longing to visit ever since I saw that Dublin based blogger Nadia Dailyself visited on Instagram. Not only is Marrakech somewhere with a totally different culture to Europe, it doesn't take too long to get there and there are some great deals to be got from Ryanair if you fly from London.

I want to take a camel ride, have a look at all the colourful Moroccan pottery and experience a bit of Africa in the next year! 

4. Thailand 

Thailand is a place where everyone, their aunt and their aunt's dog has visited except for me. This glorious country is probably the most visited travel destination for backpackers in South East Asia. Whether you're looking for beaches in the south, anticipating island hopping, hoping to experience some nightlife or wishing to explore the ancient temples, Thailand has a lot to offer. For a Western person, Thailand is a very attractive destination because of how affordable travel is, not to metion that it is absolutely stunning. 

5. Vietnam 

Thailand's close neighbour Vietnam is also on my bucket list. Consisting of lantern filled villages, many natural beauties and of course the famous Halong Bay, I think that Vietnam is well worth taking a trip to. When, I don't know yet!

6. Japan 

One of my best friends is currently in Japan completing the JET programme as an English Language Assistant. Naturally enough, I've developed an urge to visit Japan because of this. And honestly, who wouldn't? Japan has beautiful sites such as the great Mount Fuji, interesting temples and epic cities like Tokyo and Kyoto!

Have you traveled to any of these places? 
Where would you recommend visiting?

Also, what destinations are on your travel bucket list for the next year? 


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  1. lovely travel bucket list. I went to Japan years ago and to this date still my favourite place of all. I have done few blog posts on my blog about Japan if you are interested have a read . :)

    1. Thanks Marie, I'll have to visit your blog xxx

  2. I cannot get Vietnam of my mind at the minute - I really want to go! I'm off to Budapest in a few weeks and I cannot wait. Hope you have a fantastic year of travel! xx

    1. Yeah SEA looks amazing <3
      Let me know what Budapest is like!


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