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If you read my post all about Amsterdam, then you'll know that I took a day trip to the Hague, followed by a second day trip to Delft. Now, I am a sucker for day trips. I love to escape the crowds of capital cities and get a bit more of an authentic taste of a culture without a place being too overcrowded with tourists. 

Delft was absolutely gorgeous. It had the same style of buildings as Amsterdam, but it was a lot calmer and didn't have nearly the same amount of tourists. It also didn't disappoint with food. 

Adrian and I decided that we would get brunch in Delft while we were there. I absolutely love going for brunch, but I can't quite put my finger on why I enjoy it more than going out for lunch or dinner. I suppose I must prefer starting the day on a high than ending it on a high! 

We went to this cute little place called Kek, which has rightfully held first place in the Brunch restaurant department on Trip Advisor. Kek is located close to the central square in Delft which makes it very convenient for its visitors. You will not miss this place because the outside is superbly decorated. I actually can't believe I never took a picture because the outside is very Instagram-able! I remember this breakfast so vividly, even a year later. 

I really liked how the place was decorated on the inside too. There were lots of botanical vibes. There were also lots of trinkets like jewellery available for purchase there. These types of places always tempt me so much!! Haha! 

While I'm praising this place, I might as well mention the food too! I order a smoothie as well as pancakes with bacon and fruit. I think Adrian had a fry up of some sort which was served in this mini little pan. It was so cute. He also had some tea. 

Kek serve superb food and offer great service. I'd love to come again and would recommend that you do if you're ever around the area. 

Have you been to Delft or to this restaurant?
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