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Did you know that Instagram is fast becoming one of the most rapidly growing social media platforms across the globe? Well, that's good news for me because I absolutely love Instagram! I just love how much more visual and creative it is a social network, and I guess a lot of people must feel a similar way about it. Businesses, influencers and content creators are all flocking to Instagram to share their digital galleries and build their brand on Instagram. 

Given its increasing popularity, there really is no doubt that Instagram is highly saturated and it can be difficult for some to get noticed among the more influential beauty gurus and travel bloggers. I'm proud to say that in the last month that I've experienced more growth on my Instagram profile than ever before, going from less than 800 followers at the beginning of July to over 1150 at the start of August. This might be just a small bit of growth for some of you, but I was seriously delighted to surpass my goal of 1,000 after struggling for a very long time. I've truly been putting in a large amount of effort into my account this past month and I thought I'd share some things which have helped me grow.

1. Using the Right Hashtags

Unless you are living in the stone ages or lacking an internet connection, then you'll probably have some idea of what a hashtag is. I believe they started being used in social media on Twitter initially, whereby you would accompany a hashtag with certain words which would assign certain twitter posts to particular topics. The same concept now exists on Instagram where you can categorise your photos. For example, you might use the hashtag #flowersofinstagram if you uploaded a photo of a pretty bunch of flowers to your profile. Then people who search that hashtag might be able to find that photo.

The problem that exists when you use common or popular hashtags is that your post will probably end up in a hole of oblivion. Just think about it for a second, generic hashtags like #flowers, #flowerstagram and #flowersofinstagram get millions, maybe even billions of tags which means that people are posting these kinds of photos every second of the day and there really is no competing with that. The trick is to try to use some hashtags you can compete with. That doesn't mean that you can't use the super popular tags now and again. I'd advise you to use a mixture of hashtags of different popularity levels. 

You're probably wondering how to find less popular hashtags because they're not searched for as often. Sometimes when you're searching for hashtags, Instagram will suggest other hashtags for you to browse through. Finding how popular a hashtag is all a matter of searching Instagram. Usually, the more followers you have, the more chance you'll have of being displayed in the top posts which are the first nine or so posts seen on the hashtag page. I've found that once I hit 1K followers, that I would make the top posts for hashtags which have been used about 200K times which is a good reference point if you want to figure out which hashtags you'll perform best at. 

2. Posting Good Content 

Okay, maybe I am a little bit biased when I say I have a good Instagram account. I don't have the most beautiful account ever like Hello Miss Jordan or anything, but I do think that for the most part I post photos which are enjoyable for people to look at.  I've done a few photo shoots with one of my best friends who loves photography and they've gotten phenomenal feedback. I also try to make most of my captions engaging by asking questions or posting a quote which inspires me. As long as there is something that will resonate with people, they'll probably keep following. 

3. Maintaining a Theme

Ah, the Instagram theme, one of the biggest struggles for many creators which can make people feel very limited in what they can post. But seriously, having a theme which is aesthetically appealing can really make people enjoy visiting your page. Check out Becky Bedbug for a good example of maintaining a theme. 

There are so many options for themes, and I've come across so many recently. You could theme your photos by using the same filter, by colour or you could even make a flat lay page with similar items in each photo like Caitlyn from ThroughTheMirror. At the moment, my photos are all very warm toned and contain mainly green or yellow colours. I think that my theme is quite summery and feel like it'll be quite easy to transform it to an autumnal theme in September. 

4. Instagram Stories 

I was watching a video lately which said that the Instagram algorithm favours accounts that use a lot of Instagram features. This isn't just limited to Instagram stories, but can also include posting videos and using associated Instagram story features like the poll or question features. 

I've always liked the idea of Instagram stories and feel like I've been using it a lot in June and July and really enjoyed sharing things like my travel and adventures. I'd like to do some more chatty updates but it's weird, I'm not used to talking to a camera and I feel like people who I know in real life who follow my account might think it's weird that I'm talking to an account. I want to get more confident talking in my Instagram story updates and will try working on it. I posted a story where I talked through my planner from college and got a few messages about it which was nice. If you'd like to see that story it is on my highlights on my profile. 

5. Tagging Photos 

When I say that I've tagged a few photos, I mean that I've tagged my photos a little differently to how I used to. Usually, I would tag myself and the clothes I'm wearing. But now I've tagged feature pages. For example, on a photo I uploaded of Amsterdam recently, I tagged Amsterdam tourist and feature pages. If your photo is good enough you might get featured on one of these pages. I've not been that fortunate, but I have gotten likes from some of those pages I tagged. 

6. Facebook Engagement Groups 

This is probably the thing that helped me the most. I recently came across a Facebook engagement group which would share daily follow and engagement trends. This seriously brought me a lot of additional followers which helped me reach my goal. I've also found a lot of accounts which I've really been enjoying through these groups.

Sometimes I feel like organic growth can be very challenging on Instagram and it's always nice to find a group of people who you feel support you instead of playing the typical Instagram mind such as following and then un-following. There are lots of people who want to grow on Instagram and I feel that building up your support foundations can help significantly.

What do you think of these tips?
Do you have any additional tips to help people grow on Instagram?
Feel free to share them in the comments below!


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  1. I've been trying to grow my Instagram following for quite some time. I've gained over 40 followers in the past month which is a lot for me as I only have 200 and I hope to keep building it up and maybe in the mere future hit that 1,000 mark.

    1. Hey Ro, keep up the good work! You'll get there some day! If I can, you can <3

  2. These tips are definitely helpful ,I've started a new page a few weeks ago and what got me followers was definitely those hashtags I used .

    1. I used to use the most popular ones, but you really need to try to be seen in those hashtags.

  3. Thanks for sharing these tips. I'm currently trying to reach 2k followers on Instagram.

    1. Good luck Lanesse. I hope you get there soon!

  4. All these tips are reLly nice. And specially the advice with unpopular hashtags. Wud apply these for sure! Thanks a lot!

  5. Way to go, girl! Soon you'll be reaching for that 5k!

  6. Very helpful and pretty picture...


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