Where have I been? What have I been up to? - A life update


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Hello Lovelies,

I hope all of you are doing well and are having a lovely day wherever you are. Today’s post has been a long time coming. It’s been over a year since I last wrote on this blog because I decided to take a break from it due to my approaching final year of university. Although I haven’t written on here for a while, it doesn’t mean that I like blogging any less. It simply means that I prioritised things like doing well in University and enjoying my last year with course mates. However, I can assure you that I will be springing back with hopefully a post or so every week, so if you enjoyed reading my blog before or are new around here you should definitely revisit from time to time.
I thought that for this post that I would share some of the things I’ve been up to during my absence as a way of re-breaking the ice on my blog.

I completed an internship with Agri Aware – During the first 10 months of 2017, I was one of two interns working for the Irish Agri-Food educational body. I got a lot of experience managing social media pages for them and had a lot of fun working at big Irish events such as Bloom, The National Ploughing Championships and Tullamore Show. During the summer, I often worked in Dublin Zoo at the farmyard where we hosted fun educational events and provided tours, competitions and more! Working there also allowed me to get closer to my friend Gillian who has become a very good friend of mine from University. 

   I’ve been in a long distance relationship for a year and a half – During my semester abroad in Purdue University, I met a Maltese guy called Adrian. We got on very well, saw each other most days and ate together in the Purdue dining courts. Almost two years later, we’ve been together officially for almost a year and a half. He lived in Glasgow for a while so it was easy to see each other fairly often, but now he is back in Malta for the time being. It’s very challenging being apart but we’ve made it work! I’d definitely love to share a post about how we make it work if anybody is interested.

Photo Credit - Freddie Greenall
 I got a first in my degree -  In my fourth year of university I put a lot of effort into my coursework and I’m so happy to say that my final exam results revealed that the effort paid off. I was awarded a 1st class honours degree which is the highest classification you can be given. As well as this, I got an A+ in my final year research project which is something I put blood, sweat and tears into. There were many instances in the last year where I felt like giving up and one time I was crying so much with stress that I actually felt like dropping out of my course for a few days. So if you want to do well in your degree or exams or anything you are pursuing at the moment, I can only advise that you work hard and you will be rewarded for your endeavours.

  I did lots of travelling – I got to do a lot of travelling during my internship because I worked at weekends which meant that I accumulated a lot of days in Lieu etc. which I used to go travelling. Prague, Malta, Amsterdam, Warsaw, Edinburgh, Barcelona, The Amalfi Coast and Bergamo were destinations I visited in the last year and a half and I hope to share some sort of review of each place here in time. The last time I was blogging, I was transforming my blog into a bit of a travel blog. I do hope to share tips and stories relating to travel still, but I would also like to write about lifestyle etc. which was the original purpose of this blog.  

I have decided that I will be taking a gap year – Honestly, the last year has worn me out and I feel like I need a bit of a detox. I’m a very hardworking person at heart and have never had a proper break from work or education. Although I would be interested in doing a masters course, I don’t feel like I’m ready at this stage. I’m almost 23 and I still have not gotten my full drivers licence and I feel like there are other personal goals I would like to achieve this year. Obviously, I haven’t figured out this whole gap year thing yet but I really feel like I need this year to find myself a bit more.

These are probably the main things that have happened to me in the last year and a half. 2018 has definitely been a great year for me and I eagerly anticipate what’s in store for me in the future.
What about you? What has been going on in your life? Please leave a comment with an interesting update in your life. I look forward to reading and for giving you more updates in the future. 


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