Two Days Bergamo-ing - A Travel Review


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If you haven't read my travel review on The Amalfi Coast, you may not know that I have changed the style in which I am writing my travel review posts. Instead of writing up little diaries, I'm trying to provide more details on the highs and lows of travel destinations in case you are considering visiting.

Today's destination which is up for review is Bergamo, somewhere we stopped off for a short weekend trip on our way back from Amalfi. Bergamo is situated in the northern part of Italy, a mere 40 km from Milan and 30 km from the beautiful Lake Como. 

The Positives 

Beautiful Relaxing City - When I first came to Bergamo, I didn't expect it to be as beautiful as it was. Once you take a ride on the cable car, there are stunning panoramic views to be seen from above. It really reminded me of Prague, with its the abundance of red thatched rooves. There are also lots of nice areas to sit and relax and embrace the atmosphere. The Piazza Vecchia is home to a variety of nice cafés where you can enjoy a delicious nibble while soaking in the architecture.

Fabulous Attractions - Coupled with the beauty of Bergamo, is the fabulous attractions on offer. The Duomo, the Santa Maria and the Capella Colleoni are beautiful architectural structures inside and out. It's definitely worth having a peak in while you're visiting. There is also a view tower nearby where you can pay 5 euro to reach the peak and witness fabulous views of the city.
Lots of Transport Available - The number of buses around Bergamo were very abundant, so there is a choice between walking and public transport if you're heading to the Citta Alta. We got a 24-hour pass on our last day which allowed us to use unlimited transport for the whole day. 

The Negatives 

There weren't many negatives associated with Bergamo, but I thought I would note the following two.

Airport -  I really didn't like the Milan Bergamo Airport. We had a late flight which ended up being delayed by about an hour and therefore spent a lot of time in the airport. The airport is kind of confusing and really easy to get lost in. 

Small -  In my opinion, Bergamo is quite small and you wouldn't need much more than a day there. Especially if you're into an action-packed trip. Bergamo in my mind seems a bit slower paced which isn't the most ideal for a trip. 

What we didn't see 

Milan - Simply an hour's train journey away, regrettably we missed out on going to Milan because we thought it was closer. Milan not only would have been the 4th fashion capital of the world I would have visited but this city boasts of some fantastic architectural structures including the Duomo di Milano as well as the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II. 

Como - Sister lake to Lago di Garda, somewhere we visited four years ago, Como is somewhere we could have hit up for a day! 

Piazza Marteotti - This is a beautiful square in the lower town with gardens, parks and monuments. 

The Natural Science Museum - Listed in Planet Ware's Top 12 tourist attractions in Bergamo, the Natural Science Museum was definitely something we missed out on. Located only a short walk from the Piazza Vecchia, this museum displays an excellent collection of all things related to natural science, archaeology, and paleontology. 

Art Gallery of Academia Carrara - This is an art museum in Bergamo which contains many works by famous Italian artists including Lorenzo Lotto, Palma il Vecchio and many more! 

A list of things we did

- Visited the beautiful Citta Alta via funicolare / cable car 
- Saw Bergamo's Cathedral 
- Viewed the Santa Maria Maggiore and the adjoining Capella Colleoni 
- Had lunch on the Piazza Vecchia - a glorious square in the heart of the old town which is framed by Patrician buildings and the city hall. 
- Visited a market in the Citta Alta 
- Went up a view tower called Campanone which stood over some fantastic views 
- Went up Higher to the Castello di San Vigilio which was even higher than the Citta Alta  

Overall, I thought Bergamo was a lovely town and had absolutely beautiful views. However, if visiting, I'd recommend staying for a maximum of a day or so and visiting some of the stunning areas surrounding such as Como and Milan. 

Have you ever been to Bergamo? If so, what did you think? What did you like and what didn't you like about this travel destination? 


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