Things I've Learnt from my Four Year Degree


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Hey Lovelies,

I hope you're all well and having a lovely day! Before I took a break from blogging, some of my favourite posts to write were the "things I've learnt from" posts. It makes you reflect back on things and think about the lessons you've learned. They are also some of my most popular posts. So today, I am back with things I've learnt from my Four Year Degree post. 

I find it very hard to believe that four years ago, I had just completed my Leaving Cert and was starting off one of the greatest experiences of my life. In retrospect, the time flew by and I can't quite believe it's over! Even though it's over, I have lots of memories that I will cherish forever. 

Without further ado, I will swiftly move on to discuss some of the greatest lessons I've learnt from completing a Four Year Degree. 

1. Hard Work Pays Off 

At the beginning of the academic year, one of the goals I made was to get a 1st in my degree. For a lot of the year, I was enthusiastic, determined and highly motivated to reach this. I put so much effort into my assignments, did additional reading to use in my exams and studied things over and over to ensure the facts were getting stuck in my head.

When you put your mind to something and are dead set on achieving something, most of the time it works out! Plan to do well at something and you should succeed. That is exactly what I did and it worked out for me! 

2. Balance Work with Play

Following on from my first point, work needs to be balanced with play. Not only did I do well in coursework, I made sure it was balanced with some down time too!

Arrange a weekend trip, meet up with friends or go on a night out! For goodness sake, trapping yourself in your room and constantly studying isn't going to work out. You'll eventually drain yourself out! 

3. Always Strive to Improve

This was something I learned during my internship with Agri Aware rather than at University. When my friend Gillian and I worked there, the Marketing and Communications Manager was in charge of us and gave us tasks during the first half of the internship. Often she would push us, pressuring us to strive to improve things and do things better than the intern before us.

At first I thought "Why change something when it worked fine in the first place", but I've come to learn that nothing will evolve or get better if we don't mix things up. We need to learn to appraise things critically and see what can be improved.

That's exactly something I've been trying to do with this blog since my return. I've been trying to take better photos and write more useful posts. I hope the effort hasn't gone unnoticed.

4. Sometimes Things are Better Broken

During my time in university, I definitely got myself into a few quarrels and arguments. Sometimes things work out and you can kiss and make up and carry on as normal. Other times, it doesn't quite work out.

I am definitely the type of person who hates the feeling that there's something unresolved between me and somebody else. It's really something I struggle with and sometimes I can't help it but to get in contact with the person and try to fix the problem. Sometimes that person won't want to talk to you and fix things. Things may just be better staying broken between you and sometimes the time away can make someone warm to you again.

5. Staying in Touch is Tough

This becomes very apparent during the summer, but I also found the same to be true during my semester abroad.

When you're separated from your friends by counties sometimes it's hard to stay in touch because you know you can talk to your friends from home a lot easier.

Many of my friends from home have moved away and I don't have many left who I can just hang out with on a whim. So this is something I find hard to deal with.

When I was studying abroad in the States, whenever I did message friends from home I always found it tough to get much detail about what was going on in their lives. By the end of my study abroad, I definitely felt quite depressed, having left people I spent five months hanging out with and feeling like I had drifted apart with people in Ireland. 

6. Joining a Club is The Best Way to Make Friends! 

Something I haven't managed to mention recently on the blog is that I joined the UCD Sub-Aqua Club this year and headed on a journey to become a licensed scuba diver. Joining the club has by far been one of the best things I've done in the last year. Not only have I gotten the chance to experience diving in Ireland, I also made many friends on the way. 

Did you go to University? What were some of the lessons it taught you? 


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  1. At college I've learned so much about time management and that clubs are a great way to network!
    I write about my college tips from Cornell University here:

    1. Wow! Cornell! Somebody in my course went there on study abroad!


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