My Favourite Pair of Hippie Pants


Hey Lovelies,

I hope you're all well.

For the longest time ever, I've wanted to make a small investment in some hippie pants and add them to my wardrobe. Everyone, their aunt and their aunt's dog seemed to have a pair except for me. Even my mom has accumulated a number of pairs. 

So when I caught a glance of some in a shop in Sorrento during my holiday to the Amalfi Coast , I ended up not purchasing just one pair, but two. One pair fits me like a glove, whereas the other is a little big but is still the pair I prefer of the two. 

I not only like the design of these but they are super comfortable being that they are baggy. They are almost a bit like tracksuit pants but look that bit more put together and sophisticated, so it looks like you put at least some effort into your outfit of the day!

 There is also plenty of options of things to wear with them because there are hints of different colours on the pants. For this specific outfit, I paired it with this cropped denim top with a zip I got awhile ago from Boohoo. I think the blue denim matches the hints of blue in the pants perfectly. 

What I like about these pants, in particular, is that they're an absolute dream to wear in the hot weather we've been having in June and July. They're light and flowy, but at the same time hide your legs if you want to skip shaving your legs or topping up your fake tan for a day or so.

What have you been wearing in the warm weather?
Do you have a similar pair of pants to these?
Where did you buy them? 


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