Four Places to Eat in Prague!


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I hope you're all doing well. Having recently gotten back to the blogging scene, I have been doing a lot of thinking about what content I want to be putting out there - my thoughts and life updates, travel related posts etc. Before I'd even posted my first post since the relaunch, I came across a post I had prepared on cool places to eat in Prague. I didn't want to put the post to waste because I worked very hard at it (and never had the chance to post it) and it also coincides with my desire to give travel recommendations rather than to only just share what I got up to on my trip.

Almost a year ago, I went to Prague to meet up with a friend of mine from America who had been doing a study abroad course there. I'd also invited my boyfriend Ad to come because my friend wouldn't have been free all the time as she was completing coursework. 

A large portion of our travel budgets goes towards food, which is why I feel it is really important to research places to eat as well as tourist attractions. Not only is Prague an absolute gem of a place with lots to do and see, but it also has some great places to eat at affordable prices. 

In today's post, I will be sharing four restaurants in Prague that I'd recommend paying a visit to when the time comes to fill your empty stomach!   

1. Restaurant U Patrona

Located just a hop across Charles Bridge, Restaurant U Patrona is located in a very touristy area which is saturated with some potentially better dining options. The food (in my case spaghetti with prawns) was very standard, nothing that I would rave or make a song and dance about to anyone else. Our main reason for making this pit stop was that we were absolutely ravenous! 

Three out of five for this place! 

2. Den Noc

As soon as we’d seen the pictures from Den Noc on Trip Advisor, we knew we had to make a stop there. Den Noc is a breakfast place and the fact that there were flocks of people waiting outside the restaurant after we got the last available table speaks volumes. The presentation of both drinks and food was very high in this restaurant and they also had a nice choice of pancakes, both sweet and savoury as well as other breakfast options. I went for the Lindt chocolate and banana with whipped cream pancakes and Adrian got chocolate pancakes with mascarpone and apricot. 

Five stars for this great find! 

3. Sad Man's Tongue 

Sad Man’s Tongue which had Californian diner crossed with hipster and grungy vibes to it claimed to have “The Best Burger in Town” and boy were they right. I ordered a porter onion burger which consisted of homemade porter onions and a mixture of cheddar and edam cheese. Not only was the burger itself super tasty, but it was accompanied by the most delicious home-made fries and you could tell they’d made an effort to make these from scratch. Adrian had a cherry bourbon burger with mushrooms and cheese and also commented that the burger was really good. We were well looked after here and I really enjoyed the atmosphere, it was one of the more interesting looking places in Prague. 

I would give this place 5 stars! 

4. Creperie U Kajetara

On our last day in Prague we visited the castle and decided that we would get brunch close by. There is a really cute street called Neurodova Street nearby which has a variety of places you can eat at. After a quick whizz through Trip Advisor we found this Creperie which also offered a range of breakfast alternatives to pancakes.

That day, I really was craving a fry up! I’d been out the night before drinking with friends and really had the idea in my head that I needed a hangover fry up! The “American Breakfast” made me beyond satisfied. For an absolute steal of 7 or 8 euros you got juice, tea or coffee, two small pancakes, bacon, 2 eggs, sausages and bread. It was absolutely divine.

This restaurant also had a very enjoyable atmosphere. The restaurant is very minimalist in style but also kind of quirky and hipster.

I would give four out of five stars for this gem of a place! 

Have you been to Prague? Where did you eat?


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