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Hey guys!

I hope all is well. Let me know how you’re doing in the comments below. Studying abroad in the state of Indiana, I really wanted to visit all of the states surrounding it. I had already been to Ohio when I went to Cleveland, I’ve been to Illinois many times and I had the chance to visit Ann Arbor on my way back from Toronto on the weekend of my 21st birthday. The only state that hadn’t been crossed off that list was Kentucky. When you’re studying abroad, it is often enough where you don’t know what to do with yourself on the weekend. Sometimes I like to give myself a break after having a long week filled with assignments and tests, but I also like to look up different cities and see how realistic a trip there would be. A friend and I looked up different cities on the greyhound website and found that Louisville in Kentucky would be the most realistic option for a weekend trip! 

We headed there on a Friday evening in early November and decided that we would spend just the Saturday in Louisville and head back to Lafayette early on Sunday.

We started our day with a walk across the four point bridge which would allow you to cross the Kentucky Indiana border. It was a very pleasant walk and had some nice views of the skyline of Louisville. Afterward, we headed towards the center and walked through the waterfront park which eventually led us to the Belle of Louisville which is the oldest steamboat in the world. To our dismay, the boat wasn’t open to the public after October. As well as this the city was practically like a ghost town! There were some places that were closed such as the KFC Yum Center, which was unfortunate but it couldn’t be helped. Apparently, Louisville has some laws about when businesses can be open.
There was this one street that was completely deserted and not a soul was to be seen.

We went for a meal in this restaurant called “The Old Pasta Factory” where you got a decent feed for a fairly good price. Then afterward, we decided to explore the place a bit more. We went to the Slugger Museum which is a baseball museum. We didn’t do a tour, but we had a quick look around and I bought a magnet to add to my collection and got a postcard to send to a friend!

At around 3 o clock, we visited Old Louisville which looked absolutely stunning in the fall weather. I just loved the beautiful blend of red, orange and yellow tones of leaves that made the park look beautiful. It was here that we visited a Victorian House called “Conrad’s Castle” and got a cheap tour around the place. For five dollars, a student got access to a tour of all three floors of this historical Victorian house. I absolutely love exploring old houses where people once lived and delving deep into the past. I also really like the Victorian style of décor. Following this, we went down to a fountain that was close by and had a walk in another park in Old Louisville.

The evening was spent at Fourth Street Live, the Louisville entertainment street which had lots of pubs and bars. As Louisville is famous for bourbon there was also a bourbon bar and store we visited before getting a drink in one of the bars on the street.

Have you ever been to Louisville Kentucky? 
Let me know in the comments if you have and let me know what you did! 

Bye for now, 


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  1. Looks like you had a fabulous time! I've never been before but I would love to see more of America - I've only been to Florida!

    Sarah :)
    Saloca in Wonderland


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