Las Vegas, Lake Mead and Hoover Dam - Nevada Travel Diary!


Hi Guys, 

I’m back with the final post relating to my October break trip. Following Zion National Park in Utah and a well-earned sleep in our hotel, we hit the road towards our final destination of the trip, Vegas! The journey from St. George to Vegas involved two lovely pit-stops which made this day all the more exciting. On route, we headed to the beautiful Lake Mead as well as Hoover Dam before driving that extra half hour to Vegas. 

Lake Mead 

There’s something I absolutely adore about water and all geographic elements of the earth that are associated with water. Beaches, dams, lakes, and rivers are all things I love seeing whenever I visit a new place. This is precisely the reason I loved visiting Lake Mead so much. It was a lovely place to be and we had such a pleasant walk down to the lake which is a very pleasant way to begin your morning. I hope that you find that these photos of Lake Mead do it as much justice as the real place itself.

Hoover Dam

Hoover Dam was very impressive and well worth the visit in my mind so I thought that I might as well share some photos I do have from this pit stop on my blog! 


After our stop in Hoover Dam, it wasn’t long until we got to Vegas at about 3 o clock in the afternoon. Personally, Vegas didn’t wow me as much as I thought it would and it wasn’t as impressive as other cities I have visited in the states. I kind of got the feeling that all the fuss that is made over Vegas in media or online is very over-rated. It was nice to explore the strip during the night, but other than this I didn’t find that there was a lot to do. In fact, Las Vegas isn’t terribly big to start with. If you’re into clubbing, strippers or gambling this place would have totally been up your street but unfortunately, it wasn’t exactly my cup of tea! I would have preferred to visit another national park or something close by and then explore Vegas later in the night. One of the best things we did was watch a water show to Micheal Jackson music and went for barbecue food in this place that sold beers for a dollar. Unfortunately, I don't like beer too much and ended up having to buy 9 dollar cocktails!

Early the next morning, we departed from Vegas back to Chicago just in time for class the following day. The October break trip was truly unforgettable and I got to see so much in such a short period of time. 

Have you ever visited Vegas, Hoover Dam or Lake Mead?
Please let me know in the comments and share your thoughts on it! 

Bye for now, I’ll speak to you soon! 


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