The Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona - Travel Diary!


Hey Guys! 

Long time, no talk! I am currently on a bus to Chicago for thanksgiving which I am going to spend trying to write some long overdue posts. I’ve really not had as much time to write blogs as I would have liked but that can’t be helped when you’ve assignments, exams, and projects popping up on a very regular basis. Anyways let’s get to the point of this post, it is supposed to be a travel diary after all!

Early in the month of October, we were given a four-day weekend as a break from college. I love all these small little breaks from college as you can make them exciting by planning trips. We don’t have quite so many back home in Ireland. So a few friends and I decided that we’d head on another road trip, but instead of heading to Niagara falls and Canada we would head to the west side of the states.
On Friday the 7th of October, the five of us as well as a separate group of four headed on a plane to Phoenix, Arizona with spirit airlines. We left West Lafayette late in the afternoon and headed to O’ Hare to start our big adventure. When we arrived, it was too late to go exploring, it was practically the following day so we decided to head to our first hotel of the trip in Phoenix.

We woke quite early the following day, however, it didn’t seem to be early enough as it took absolute ages to get to The Grand Canyon! We drove for a good while and reached Flagstaff when we found ourselves being peckish enough for a meal. We stopped in Walmart in Phoenix before driving off to stock up on some much-needed road trip snacks. In Flagstaff, we stopped at this nice restaurant where we all filled our stomachs. I opted for a burger and a side of sweet potato fries of course which was delicious. Soon after, we hit the road again for another hour and a half when we reached The Grand Canyon.

By the time we arrived at The Grand Canyon Village and it was almost Sunset so it really felt like we wasted a day driving around and traveling so we decided that we would wake up early the next day to see Horseshoe bend which is another viewpoint in the Grand Canyon. Luckily enough, the sunset allowed us to take some absolutely stunning photos. We still haven’t managed to look at each other’s photos properly despite the trip taking place almost a month ago!

The following day we saw Horseshoe bend, which admittedly is most definitely my favourite part of the trip. I would have loved to see more viewpoints like Havasu Falls which looks absolutely glorious. But I got to see two of the most famous and most talked about points so I was fairly content with what we did see. Afterward, we decided to head to Utah and visit Zion National Park which is close to St. George, Utah. This will be written about in my next post so keep your eyes peeled! 

Have you ever been to the Grand Canyon? 
If so, how much of it did you manage to see? 
I’d love to know in the comments below! 

I’ll talk to you soon,


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  1. Nice post! You have been going to all these amazing places and I envy you for that but I hope maybe in a few years when I am finished school, I can travel the world or part of it, like you.

    1. Seriously if you can do study abroad do it and travel!


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