Indianapolis, Indiana!


Going to a college in the state of Indiana for the semester, meant that a trip to Indianapolis (or Indy as they call it here), was definitely on the list of things that I had to do during my exchange here in the States! I went to the Indiana State Fair late in the month of August but I never got that whole vibe I get when I typically visit a new city. 

I'd asked a lot of people if they wanted to go this weekend as I'd been spending my previous weekends just lounging around in West Lafayette which I was beginning to get tired of. Only an hour's drive away, Indy is the perfect destination for a quick escape when you're tired of life on campus in Purdue. Unfortunately, it seemed that everyone was busy with other plans and doing other things so I really thought that this trip wasn't going to go ahead. Then I just suddenly decided on Friday evening "screw it, I want to go" and luckily I found two others to keep me company for the day on Saturday!

We had an excellent day on Saturday in Indy. When we first arrived, we began by discussing what we wanted to see and do. I really wanted to go to the Children's Museum which was highly recommended to me by a lot of Americans but unfortunately for $22 per person, it was a little expensive for three students looking for something cheap to keep us busy! It was also a fair distance away from the centre of Indy, where there was so much more potential of things to do and places to see.

We began our day at the Indianapolis observation tower which had a nifty little gift shop which is a place I always make a stop at to update my growing collection of magnets I collect from cities I've visited as well as to buy some postcards I'm planning on sending later on. There was also the option of ascending to the top of the tower to look out to the views of this gem of a city! There was a fee to go up the elevator, but we opted for the free option of climbing 330 steps which honestly had me wrecked by the end.

We did a little more exploration of the centre of the city, we saw the University Memorial Park and  managed to spot tons of Museums. (Seriously, if you're a museum enthusiast, Indianapolis is the city for you!) All of this built up an appetite which led us to this lovely burger bar called Bru.

Bru was a great place which offered lots of delicious and satisfying choices for lunch. The boys went for the most meat filled burger they could find on the menu which was called the  "Honey Chipotle BBQ Burger ", whereas I went for the complete opposite and decided to try a vegan option which I very much enjoyed!

After filling our tummies up, we headed down to Indy's central canal which was easily my favorite part of the day! It's amazing how much fun I had absorbing the whole atmosphere of the place. It was seriously just a lovely place to walk. If walking isn't your cup of tea, there are paddle boats that can be rented out for an hourly rate of $35. There were also bicycles and kayaks on offer too, I believe!

Near the end of the Canal was the Indiana State Museum as well as letters spelling out Indy which I was delighted to find, mainly because I never got a chance to find the sign when I was in Cleveland, Ohio!

After exploring the canal, we did another bit of exploring around the river, headed for a pleasant drink at a place called Nada and then went home!

Overall, Indy is a very diverse city. There is plenty to see and do and I had a superb day there! No regrets with my plans in going there.

The only thing I would say is that renting a car to go there between a group of 5 or even 7 people would work out a lot cheaper so if you're planning a trip there, definitely do that!

Have you ever been to Indy?
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