August Insta Month!


Hello Lovelies,

My sincerest apologies for disappearing off the face of the planet (so it would seem on my twitter account). I definitely cannot guarantee posts 3-4 times a week now that I am in the States and trying to make the most of it! This will most likely drop down to twice a week, which I feel is very manageable.

With the end of August comes September which is set to be an exciting month. I turn 21 and I have a few exciting trips in mind which of course will be shared on my blog eventually! But for now, we are going to discuss the month that has just passed.

Before we begin, I am going to add a cheeky link to my Instagram account in case any of you lovely people want to follow my pictures and get more regular updates on what I've been up to! 

August was mainly a month of preparation for my departure to the States for my whole study abroad journey! I had a lot of my family come and visit to wish me luck and provide me with funds to help me along the way!

I had quite a few lovely days out. My aunt, Mary came over and she, my mom, and I had a lovely outing out to Graiguenamangh as well as St. Mullins which are both quite close to my hometown. We had a lovely meal and a brownie afterward by the river and spent the day walking in pure idyllic peace and bliss and explored the church in Graig.

A few days later another aunt of mine popped over to visit with my younger cousin and we had a day out in Kilkenny and we had a look at the different things in the Kilkenny Arts Festival that is hosted every August. There are always beautiful pieces of art to see every single year! 

The weekend before I left on my flight to Chicago, I had a pre-departure / Early 21st Birthday meal with my Family in a nearby restaurant called "The Lord Bagenal".

My parents, my boyfriend Cathal and my younger brother Christian came and it was an absolutely lovely send off. The curry I had for dinner there was absolutely delicious and massive in portion size so I could barely finish it! 

After all of that came the exciting stuff, the actual departure and living in the US of A! On the morning of August 14th 2016, I felt pretty damn anxious. In fairness, I was getting on my very first long-haul flight on my own and going through pre-customs in Terminal 2 in Dublin! The pre-clearance facility in Dublin is absolutely excellent and saved me so much time and stress once I arrived in Chicago! The plane journey was actually very pleasant with tons of entertainment and food available to all those on board. A big shout out to Air Lingus for being so wonderful!

The bus journey from Chicago to West Lafayette was probably the most tiresome bus journey of my life. I was pretty tired and fell asleep just as we arrived in Indiana. This kind of pissed me off because I wanted to see their farms and agriculture. Understandably I was very tired and jet lagged and pretty much just slept as soon as I got to my bedroom! 

So far, so good. America is such a wonderful place. I've met so many wonderful people such as my RA Faith, my roommate and her family, my lecturers, my study abroad coordinator and anyone who has volunteered to help those who are studying abroad!

The weather has been a lot warmer and more humid than I'm used to and its extremely warm in the dorm rooms. But I'm adjusting to it!

I've had some pretty cool days out so far also! 2 weekends ago I went to the Indiana State Fair which was cool! We went on fun fair rides and got to see lots of animals. I even managed to buy a magnet for my nifty magnet collection I have back home. 

Last weekend, I went to Turkey Run State Park and went for a hike around. It was seriously such a beautiful place. Would highly recommend it!

Other than that, I've been living a relatively normal life of a junior student in a university in America. I've been attending classes, doing assignments and getting to know the student body around me.

I have a few exciting things happening in September and I will also be turning 21 tomorrow which is all so super exciting!

What have you been up to for the month of August?
Are you dreading going back to school or uni in September?

Please let me know in the comments below! 


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