Tweaks to add to your CV to impress a potential employer!


Hi Guys!

I am about to embark on probably the most stressful and busy year of my life. Not only have I moved to the states for half a year of my life, but, I also have the mammoth task of organising placements for Professional Work Experience afterward.

Although, it's unlikely that I'll have my full 30 weeks completely organised before I head to America, there is no harm in getting down to business early. I actually managed to get a skype interview with a Marketing Consulting company while I'm abroad which I'm very excited about as it is an area I'm interested in and would like to grow more familiar with!

Today's post is going to be a few ideas on how you can tweak your CV to grab the attention of a potential employer. I'm by no means an expert in this department, but I've done something right to land myself with an interview in an area I'm interested in so soon! Hopefully, this post will provide a bit of inspiration for those of you who searching for placements or perhaps you've graduated and you're in the scary big bad world and NEED to find a job pronto!

Tweaks to add to your CV to impress a potential employer! 

1. Add all the important bits at the start :
A standard CV is approximately two pages in length, most of which will probably be skim read. HR managers must go through piles and piles of CVs on a regular basis, so it is best to sell yourself fairly early on in your CV.

Usually, I'll add a little profile following my name and my basic details on my CV. My profile will typically contain the main points of my CV; for example my degree, my main interests and hobbies (as long as they're relevant to the position i,e blogging is quite relevant to marketing) as well as when I'm available to start and be interviewed. It gives the CV more purpose.

2. Make several CVS:

If you only have one CV and are applying for a large variety of placements/jobs , then you're probably going to find yourself not getting many responses. You need to adjust your CV and create different versions of it when applying to different placements. If I was looking at working in the fashion industry I would be highlighting the fashion aspects of my blog whereas if I was aiming for a career in marketing, I'd highlight all the experience I have in social media and building up followers by creating a brand. Someone working with children might need a completely different skill set to those wishing to work in journalism. Just remember what kind of position you're applying for and make your CV relevant to that!

3. Add a photo to your CV : 

Something that you can do to your CV, (although it isn't on mine) is to add a picture of yourself to it. What that does is make your CV a little more personal. It adds a face to that story that's being told on your CV. 

4. Make your CV current : 

Updating your CV fairly regularly is a must. Einstein describes Insanity as doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. Change can be a good thing. It's important to show employers that you've recently achieved a lot in your life because, in all honesty, nobody is going to care if you got perfect attendance when you were 13 and have achieved nothing since.

A general rule is to add projects and placements you've had/been involved in in the last 5 years. Anything older than that becomes irrelevant on your CV.

5. Back up your Skill set with evidence: 
Anyone can say they're a hard worker. Where's the evidence to prove that? If you got the highest results in your class why not share that to demonstrate that you're a hard worker!

By providing evidence through achievements you've had or projects you've been involved in, you're backing up why you have a certain skill required in a potential job position. 

What tips would you give to somebody who is crafting their CV?
Let us all know in the comments below!


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  1. These are some awesome advice Ellen. Having a great CV is really important. Thank you! :)

    By the way, I have nominated you for the versatile blogger award. You have such a lovely blog and your posts are all amazing. You can check it out here :

  2. Aw these are so helpful! I will definitely be bookmarking this post xx

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