Things I've learnt from hosting a twitter chat!


Hey lovelies,

If you're not following me on my twitter , then you definitely will not be aware of the fact that last month I hosted my very first blogger chat, which is something I've been wanting to do for ages! It seemed like the time was never going to come.

I tend to join in with chats on a weekly or biweekly basis and I am typically involved in the #lbloggers chats that occur twice a week. This was the first ever chat I got involved with and I was sure that I wanted to host a chat for #lbloggers one day. That day came last Wednesday when I decided to talk about blog evolution and how blogs change and grow over time.

I really enjoyed chatting a lot and I feel like I discovered more bloggers this time around than I usually do. I'd really recommend hosting a chat to any other blogger I know! That being said, there was quite a lot I learnt from hosting a chat that I feel may be quite useful for those who are hosting their first chats in the future to know!

I hope you enjoy this one lovelies!

Things I've learnt from hosting a twitter chat!

1. There's so many more participants than you think there are! 
Normally when you participate in a blogger chat, you'll probably get talking to three, four, maybe five bloggers as ye answer the questions when in reality there are so many more people talking. You don't realise this until you're host and your notifications are going absolutely wild because everyone is answering your questions as well as liking your tweets. I found myself shocked at how many participants there were!

2. You can't speak to everyone!
When everyone is answering your tweets, I felt like I really wanted to speak to every individual but it's pretty much impossible. You need to balance re-tweeting your favourite answers and prioritise tweeting those who aren't getting replies rather than those who are mid conversation because of your thought-provoking questions.

3. A bit of interaction with everybody will help build up your following!

So you think that because you're the next host that your following will shoot up. Wrong! If you're hosting and not bothering to socialise with anybody or like, follow or re-tweet their content, their is no reason for the participants to want to follow you. I feel like when I started talking to people and re-tweeting etc. as much as I could, my following went up tonnes. 

4. Don't forget to answer your own questions yourself! 

I was so fixated on replying to the tweets I was getting, re-tweeting and liking that I totally forgot to answer my own questions myself. People like to get involved in twitter chats to get to know the hosts a bit better too so it could really help to answer the questions too!

5. Don't get impatient if your scheduled tweets don't show up immediately!

Once 7 O' Clock came and I didn't see my introductory tweet, introducing myself as host to the chat, alarm bells started to ring in my head. I kept thinking that hootsuite had suddenly malfunctioned or something, and in that moment of panic  I started to compose a quick tweet and once I clicked published I noticed that my original tweet I scheduled was there. I got too excited for the chat that I hadn't even realised!

6. The chat doesn't really end after an hour! 

As seen in the countless blog schedule posts, the #lbloggers chat runs from 7pm til 8pm UK time on Wednesdays and Sundays. However, that is not the case. It can take a very long time for your tweets to slow down and get back to normal again. It took my twitter an hour or so after the chat had ended. It seriously was giving me headaches. People will want to chat to you a bit more as well as share their content. The chat doesn't really end after an hour!

Have you ever hosted a twitter chat?
What did you learn from it?


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  1. This was so helpful. I was a part of this chat u are talking about and u did GREAT specially being your first hosted chat. I would love to host a chat but just never knew what to expect. Thank u for sharing your thoughts and experience.


  2. Gave u a follow on bloglovin and saved this post to help me when I feel I am ready to host a chat. Thank u

  3. Nice post! I have never hosted a Twitter chat before but I would love to, it always seems so cool to host one.

  4. This has made me really want to host a chat now! Thank for sharing your honest experience! xx

  5. Oh awesome!! I love it. maybe ill have to do something like this

  6. So good to hear about it from the other side - I really hope is something I get to do at some point!

  7. Totally agree! I got overwhelmed each time I head a Twitter chat this month. It was like, "WHOA!" It can be really cool, though, to see what everyone responds to your questions.

    S .x


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