Things I've done before the age of 21!


Hi lovelies,

It is now less than 1 month until my 21st birthday. I'll be able to legally drink in America and there's nothing else I won't be able to do if I set my mind to it!

If you were following my blog around this time last year, you may remember that I published a blog post titled "50 things to do before you're 21". Have I completed the list? No. So let's go back to the uncrossed list and see what I have managed to do in the first 21 years of my life. We can add the rest to the list of things I must do before I am 25 (because I couldn't get them done before I was 21 because I fail at life)!

Things I hadn't done before I was 21 (1 year ago)!

3. Get in Shape 
I actually got in reasonable shape when I was going to the gym during the college year. I must get back to it again this year!

6. Get a Job

I may not have found a proper job as of yet, but I recently got an interview for placement so I'm progressing slowly, but surely!

9. Fly a Kite
11. Go Skydiving
12. Go Stargazing
13. Get your full driver's license!
15. Conquer a fear!

There's no doubt that I conquered a fear when I went for my first Scuba Dive, By far the coolest, but most scary thing I've done.
16. Go on a road Trip

Went on a small road trip with my friend from Tipperary all the way to Cavan for a 21st in November. It was good fun.
18. Go to the US
Heading to Purdue University for half the year on Erasmus. I won't only be going to the US, but I'll be living there!

19. Take a Social Media Break for a week.
20. Go to a Concert
21. Go to a Festival
22. Make friends with somebody outside your circle 
25. Have a spa day!
Got my first treatment in the spa centre in our hotel in Madeira. It was well worth it.

26. Get straight As one semester!

Strictly speaking, I've never gotten 6 As in one semester but in the whole year I got 6 As out of 12 modules so that should count.

34. Buy Flowers for yourself!
35. Use a selfie stick!
I was sent a selfie stick and wrote a review for it on my blog. It doesn't work on my iPhone 6 though so I need a new one!

37. Find a Penpal
38. Write a letter to a blogger / Penpal!

A college friend and I started writing each other postcards from our holidays this summer. I'll also be sending him a post card from America.

As well as this, I sent a girl I'm friends with from Australia a postcard for the very first time this year!

41. Get 100 K views on your blog!
42. Make a YouTube Vlog!
43. Record yourself singing and put it on YouTube
44. Skinny Dip
46. Go Electronics Free for 24 hours

That time the power went out!

47. Catch up with an Old Friend
50. Plan a 21st Party 

I've planned to have a party with my friends once I'm back from Erasmus and I'm also having a meal out with my family before I leave!

All in all, I'm happy with what I've achieved so far in my life. There's always more time to get the things you've wanted to do done. You just have to enjoy the journey and look forward to where you're heading.

What did you accomplish before you were 21?


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  1. I love this post! I want to get my full driving license before I'm 21 too, I have been taking driving lessons and so far they are doing ok.

  2. Okay so first of all I would love to hear you sing!! And second of all Congrats on so many As! Well done!!
    I'm not a huuuge fan of setting yourself a time limit to do things (for life in general, for essays it works wonders) so like you said in your last sentence enjoy life and take the opportunities that come to you! xxx

  3. Still 19 but this is a good list

  4. This an awesome list you have! I am currently creating my 30 before 30 list (yes I am so close to be 30 soon)! I am so happy to read that you have accomplished quite a lot already! I hope you get through the rest of your list before you turn 21! I hope to read an update version of this blog post on your 21st birthday!



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