5 Reasons you should play Pokémon Go!


Hi lovelies,

I finally did it! I downloaded Pokémon Go. The obsession that people have with this game is just infectious. You want to see what the hype is about even if you don't remember half the Pokémon you see because you didn't have a large connection with Pokémon as a child like seemingly half the people who play the game. It is still great fun to run around collecting cute Pokémon anyway. Seriously, Eevee is so freaking adorable!

So along with the obsession that others have convinced me to become through social media, comes the practically obligatory blog post I share about why you too need to play this game, although what you don't know won't kill you! So today's main topic is going to be Pokémon and why this game needs to take up some additional space on your mobile! I hope you enjoy!

5 Reasons you need to play Pokémon Go! 

1. It brings you back to your childhood

Not really true for me, but true for most of my generation who are playing the game. Pokémon Go is bringing back some of people's most cherished childhood memories of them trading Pokémon cards or watching the TV show or even the movies. We all remember the yellow impeccably cute Pikachu from when we were young! Why not unleash your inner child and get playing Pokémon Go! 

2. It allows you to find hidden wonders you would have never found beforehand

Pokémon Go is all about walking around in very public areas, catching Pokémon and collecting eggs and Pokéballs at Pokéstops! Pokéstops are usually local landmarks. The game can definitely help you discover hidden treasures that you would have been blissfully unaware of if you had never downloaded the game.

Another great way to use Pokémon Go is if you're starting Uni this year and want to find your way around the place. There is no doubt in my mind that I'll be playing this game nonstop once I get to Purdue!  

3. It's something to do when you're bored

We've reached that awkward part in the summer where you've absolutely nothing to do. Why not play Pokémon Go to relieve yourself of the boredom. It can occupy hours and hours of time! 

4. It actively encourages exercise

As stated earlier, Pokémon Go is all about getting out and about, walking around, hunting Pokémon and collecting various items. Although typically located in more urban areas rather than rural areas, there is still areas in the countryside where Pokémon can be found. There's some area down my lane where they seem to magically appear!

As well as that, when eggs you collect need to be incubated it is required of you to walk 2 Km or maybe 5 Km, something that encourages you to walk long distances to help you progress in the game, 

5. It's fun to collect cute Pokémon 

It's definitely the girly side of me that had the urge to download this game. I can't quite describe it, but I absolutely love collecting cute Pokémon in particular and I get so much sheer joy out of it! I have yet to catch Pikachu though! 

Pokémon Go has been massive this summer. Have you managed to avoid the hype? 

Have you been playing Pokémon Go lately?
Are you obsessed?

Let me know how your game play is going in the comments below!


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  1. hahahah, yesssss! This game makes me so happy! :P It's definitely helped me to get to know the city I moved to at least a little better! And yay for getting to relive my childhood! :P


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