Why you need to do a Scuba dive?


Hello Lovelies,

I hope you are all well! I randomly took a few days off from blogging, but I am back with another post! Let me know what you've been up to for the past week?

Today's topic is Scuba Diving and specifically why you NEED to do it! Two weeks ago, when I was on holidays in Madeira, I did my first ever dive and I am determined to do some more and become a certified diver! It was seriously one of the coolest, most adventurous and scariest things I've ever done in my life, but it is a wonderful thing I want to experience again and again!

I am now going to share with you several reasons why you need to dive ASAP!

It allows you to conquer fears

Before doing my dive, I was absolutely petrified. I kept thinking that the worst would happen and that I'd forget everything I learned in the training beforehand. Fortunately, the instructors were excellent. My instructor made me feel completely at ease and at the beginning of the dive I clenched onto his hand until I felt brave enough to let go and enjoy my dive!

It's actually quite easy 

For some reason, I felt like I would be exhausted after my dive when in reality it doesn't really drain your energy. You just need to be able to swim and I feel that you're too focused on the experience to even notice. There isn't a large amount of fitness required for a scuba dive!

You get to see the variety of life underwater 

The highlight of your dive is undoubtedly seeing all of the different fish under the sea! I regret not bringing a camera down with me and snapping pictures of what I saw!

There's more to gain than lose! 

Scuba diving actually has very few risks involved with it, the top three being lung over-expansion, ear problems and drowning. As long as you're with an instructor, a relatively good swimmer and you regularly equalize and don't hold your breath you will be fine.

There is absolutely more to gain by doing a dive than chickening out of it! Just think of all the colorful fish you'll see, and how amazing the experience will be!

You can tick it off your bucket list 
I feel like everyone has a "things to do in life bucket list" of some kind. You have a list of awesome things you wanna do or wanna see stashed away in your bedroom or maybe even online! For me, a scuba dive was definitely on that list and now it's ticked off! Make sure you do a scuba dive so you can look back and think "wasn't that cool when I did that"!

Have you ever done a scuba dive before?
Would you recommend it to a friend?


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  1. Nice post! I would love to try scuba diving but I have never gotten the chance to yet s it is far to cold to do it in Ireland. On a side note, love the new layout!

    1. Hahaha thanks! I'm not fully happy with it yet. I just need to get a nice new banner and I'll be happy!

      I know! I probably will do it in Ireland once I come back from the states!


  2. I have always wanted to try this out! I have to at some point in my life!!
    I bet it's sooo amazing!!
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    1. It really is. You'll have an instructor with you during your first few dives so it'll be fine!

  3. I'm dying to go scuba diving! Lucky you! Bet it was breathtaking! x


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