Travel Diary: Madeira Part 4


Hey lovelies,

Today's post is the final travel diary from my break to Madeira! I had so much fun sharing all of my pictures and telling all the little anecdotes from my break away!

So today's post will focus on what exactly I did on the very last two days of my stay in Madeira. On the 7th of July we merely got up, got on a bus to the airport, went through all the boring stuff and went home. I managed to finish "All The Bright Places" on the train. As I was on adventures for a large chunk of the holiday I didn't really have time to read a lot. I managed to read a little every day and completed the book on the plane home. 

The day before we went home, I did one of the coolest things I'll probably ever do in my life and did my first ever scuba dive. The thought of it absolutely terrified me, but it was something I really really wanted to do. A few days prior to the scuba dive, I went down to the Carlton to book a training session for a Scuba dive. 

On the day, nerves absolutely consumed me. I got tonnes of butterflies in my stomach, to the point that I felt like I couldn't eat. This happens to me a lot when I am very nervous. I can't help it! But, I got through it and managed to do the dive.

The first thing we had to do before diving was to watch this 20-minute long video which focused on being safe when diving and provided instructions on how to equalise, what to do if your regulator falls out of your mouth, how to communicate under water and also what to do if you suddenly lose your oxygen. After this, one of our instructors came in to briefly go through some of the things that were discussed in a video and we were also obliged to do 9 quick questions to make sure we were paying proper attention to the video. 

Afterwards, we were brought out to the pool to bring some of the exercises discussed by the demonstrators into action. I was a bit apprehensive of course, but the demonstrators were absolutely lovely and helped me along the way. When I compare this experience to my snorkeling experience during my kayak ride, there is really no doubt in my mind who I felt more at ease with. This is extremely important when you're doing something like this.

After a half hour or so in the pool, it was time to bring what we had learnt into the sea. I went down with my instructor to be entered into the most beautiful world of the sea. I felt like I had magically turned into the little mermaid or something and was in absolute wonder and awe of the sea life underneath. The fish were nibbling at my face and my arms but it didn't bother me in the slightest as I was way too fixated on how cool everything was. It seemed like the 40 minutes I got underwater went so quickly.

I'd highly recommend anyone to scuba dive with the Carlton, they did their job excellently. The only regret I have is that I didn't do the dive earlier in the holiday as I could have done some more dives and become a certified diver. I suppose that's an adventure I'll have to do another time. 

I really hope that you all enjoyed my holiday diaries.
Hopefully, I'll have more travel posts coming up soon!

Let me know if you've gone anywhere on holiday lately!


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