Travel Diary: Madeira Part 3


Hi Lovelies,

So I'm on to part 3 of my travel diaries of Madeira. I really hope you're enjoying them. I'm so happy that I'll have a place on my blog to come back to when I want to remember these great moments I've had in my life.

It was the 5th day of our holiday that my dad and I went Kayaking with Radical Madeira. Radical Madeira are an adventure company that is not just limited to kayaking trips. They also had advertisements for renting a jet ski and so much more. Seeing as I had previous experience kayaking (I did it for 8 weeks in Transition Year) I was happy to try it in Madeira and I really wanted to try snorkelling also! For two of us to go kayaking for three hours in the morning it cost 70 euro, but this also included a lift to and from your hotel as well as having pictures taken which I thought was a nice touch. My only complaint is that there was a lack of photos taken under water when we were snorkelling. The boys (one of them was younger than me) who took us out (there were only three of us kayaking) were lovely, but I felt that there was something a little unprofessional about them. As I had never swam in the sea without a kayaking jacket in my life, I did feel a bit apprehensive about going in the water and it was very hard to feel at ease whereas when I went Scuba diving later on in the holiday I felt a lot more relaxed with the instructor. 

Kayaking was pretty tiring so we left it at that for the day! We returned to the hotel, and at half five that evening I went to the hotel spa and had my first ever paid for massage in my life. What I got was a back, neck and shoulder massage which lasted for half an hour and afterwards I was given herbal tea. Have to say that the massage absolutely helped me unwind and relax so much!

Hat - Dunnes Stores
Play Suit - H&M

The following day was the Tuesday and this was the day that we went on the boat trip on the Catamaran! The representative from Top flight booked this excursion for us and we opted to go on a boat with the company "Sea the Best". They make a promise that if you don't see dolphins on the first trip that you'll get a second trip for free! There are plenty of other types of boat trips available in Madeira also. There was this pirate ship boat and there is a boat which has a glass bottom. I would have loved to go on the glass bottom boat just to see all the sea life underneath.

Before we got on the boat, we had a bit of time to spare to get a bite to eat. We were feeling a bit peckish at the time and we also did a bit more exploration around Madeira. We saw the cathedral in the old part of town, got some Gelato (I picked pistachio flavour) and went around the shops until it was time for our boat trip!

The Boat trip lasted approximately three hours, and in that time we managed to see some dolphins as well as turtles. The turtles were very hard to get images of. The dolphins were hard to get pictures of also as they would just elegantly jump up and quickly dart back down into the water without too much effort. It was also pretty fun to just be on a boat!

Half way through the trip, there was a stop to do a bit of snorkelling and swimming for about twenty minutes, then the boat would head back!

That is what I got up to on my 5th and 6th day in Madeira!
Tomorrow's part is the last travel diary!

Have you been on holiday this summer?
Have you any plans to go anywhere later on in the summer?
Be sure to tell me all about it in the comments.

I'll talk to you soon,


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  1. Wow your trip to Madeira sounds so fun! I've always wanted to try kayaking or scuba diving, just never got the opportunity yet! I travelled to the charming coastal town of Calpe last month and it was absolutely beautiful! I recently wrote about it on my blog, check it out here: I'm going on another trip in a couple of weeks to Ca'n Picafort which I'm extremely excited about!

    1. Scuba Diving is a lot more fun than Snorkeling and actually easier in my opinion. I would love to check out your posts about your travels!



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