Travel Diary : Madeira Part 2


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I am continuing my Madeira travel diary into several consecutive posts. It was such a great experience and if I am honest, it is all too difficult to condense into one blog post. I don't know how I managed to do it when I wrote about Lake Garda two years ago.

So the day after our cable car ride was another relaxing day. I wanted to head down to the Marina to see where you could go snorkeling and scuba diving. We booked a trip on a Catamaran Boat for the Tuesday which did include a 20-minute pit stop for swimming and snorkeling, but I wanted to see if there was anywhere that did a course or something a bit more focused on snorkeling. However, snorkeling isn't difficult, to be honest. It's just a little shock to the system when you realise you can breathe under water!

So we headed to town. We needed to go to a supermarket in the shopping centre La Vie anyway to pick up a few refreshments for when we were chilling by the pool!

Hat - Dunnes Stores
Top - Bershka
Shorts - Bershka

Tourism is a very important industry on an Island like Madeira, so naturally there was absolutely tonnes to choose from. As well as water activities, there were advertisements for Safari Jeeps, Levada walks, and Cable Car rides. In the end, we decided to opt for a kayak trip which included a 20-minute snorkel. This was organised by the company Madeira Radical. We were also given information on Scuba Diving Courses that were available at The Carlton Hotel which was also close by! We walked down to the Carlton and booked the Scuba Dive there and we booked kayaking for Monday Morning in the Radical Madeira office which was ideally located on the Marina! Afterwards, we spent the rest of our day by the pool!

It was on Sunday where we headed on a tour of the west which was organised by the lady who was a representative for Top Travel. I was a little bit panicked that morning as the bus was running a bit late, but eventually, it did arrive! We hopped on and the bus made many stops so we could see lots of views in the west of the Island. We were on the second highest cliff in the world and Europe's tallest cliff Cabo Girao and also visited Port Moniz which had Madeira's aquarium which we didn't have time to visit and also lovely natural pools. One of our pit stops had a kind of beach place which is very unusual for Madeira. One of the interesting aspects of this trip was that we did this small "Banana walk" which was pretty much just looking at banana plants. It was so cool to hear about the agriculture in the west of Madeira which focuses on the production of bananas, sweet potatoes, avocados and normal potatoes! At our second last stop, there was a Levada walk but unfortunately not enough time to complete it, so we just stood around and took in the breathtaking sights in front of our eyes. As I was using the toilets, I noticed a little kitten. It was seriously the cutest little thing. The last stop of the day was at a waterfall! After that, we headed back to Funchal!

This is what I did for the 3rd and 4th days in Madeira.
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