Throw Back Travel Diary : Paris 2011!


Hey Guys!

A wee while ago, I put a poll on twitter asking people if they would like to see travel diaries from places I have been in the past. Most of the response was positive so I rummaged through my photos so I could share some of the places I have travelled to in the past! Most of my travel experiences have been with groups or on school tours so my school tour to Paris in 2011 will be the subject of today's post!

When I was in secondary school, our school offered a school trip abroad every second year. In first year I travelled to Berlin, followed by Paris in 3rd year and Munich in 5th year. School trips are such a great idea because they allow you to bond with other students as well as experience another culture in a condensed amount of time!

When we travelled to Paris we did what you would expect any citizen travelling to Paris would do; see the Eiffel Tower with its views soaring over the fantastic city of Paris, view the extremely famous Mona Lisa and take a trip to Disney Land which is just outside Paris.

This was my third time travelling to France, yet somehow my first time seeing the Eiffel Tower. Somehow, when we initially went to Paris when I was the age of 8, we managed to avoid seeing the Tower or any of the fantastic things in the city centre for that matter! Most of that first holiday to France was spent on a campsite and a hotel. We also spent 3 days in Disneyland that time!

As this trip was organised more than five years ago, it is understandable I won't recall the exact order of events so please bare with me on that! 

One of our four days was of course spent in Disneyland Paris. It was on the bus to Disneyland where I got speaking to someone who afterwards ended up becoming a very good friend of mine. We just had an absolutely brilliant conversation which made the bus journey go so much more quickly. After the bus, we departed ways to our groups of friends and went exploring the rides.

Usually I am absolutely terrified of rides. I have had anxiety attacks where I would end up crying about going on a ride of any sort! This time was so different as I was with my friends. We went on Space Mountain, Indiana Jones as well as other less scary rides such as the teacups. Later on that day we met again with our school group for dinner in Disneyland!

The Eiffel Tower was also a great thing to go on. However the queues were gigantic and took absolutely ages, so we had to compromise by not seeing Arc de Triumph which was a pity. The Eiffel Tower has absolutely stunning views of the Parisian city and while going up I had all these images of what it would be like to go up the Eiffel Tower with your boyfriend or Lover.

We also went to see the Mona Lisa which, if I am honest is a bit over-rated. As it is such a hyped about picture there are always masses and masses of people surrounding the image and it can be very difficult to get a close look.

One of the activities I really enjoyed was our boat trip on the Bateaux Mauches which brought us around Paris on the River Seine at night. The Eiffel Tower is really something else once you have seen it at night.

We also managed to visit Notre Dame Cathedral and many tourist shops!

Have you ever been to Paris?
Let me know what you got up to when you were over there? 


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