Throw Back Travel Diary : Munich 2013!


Hey Lovelies,

I hope you are all well! Today I will be posting my second throw back travel diary, and this time I will be discussing some of the things I did on my trip to Munich back in 2013. It really is hard to remember what exactly you did at the time. I just wish that I could have started my blog earlier than I did and then I could have written a better account of these past trips.

At the time I went to Munich, I was going through such a hard time. I had just broken up with my boyfriend of two years who had already seemed to have gotten over me, so my mind was really occupied with that at the time rather than this trip to Munich. We are buddies again now though!

The most extraordinary thing about this trip is that Munich had tonnes and tonnes of snow at the time of our visit, more than I had ever previously experienced. I really tried to layer up with my clothing. But seriously, it was so fun to have so much snow. One night on this school trip, a massive snow fight erupted out of thin air. I actually remember that my phone had gotten so wet that it ended up breaking on the trip!

We managed to get a good bit of shopping done on this huge shopping street in Munich, I swear to god it was absolutely massive. It had shops like Bershka and H&M and it had a really quirky shop where I got leggings with American flags.

There were so many places we visited in Munich - BMW which displayed an array of really cool cars, a concentration camp which demonstrated that absolutely terrifying lives of those who had to endure this terror etc. It was also in Munich where I discovered the amazing Smurf Sweets, although I've not liked them as much since. They can be sickeningly sweet in large quantities. 

We also managed to see the Bayern Munich stadium which was really interesting. I recall having a wonderful conversation with Cathal on the mobile in the gift shop!

One of my favourite elements of the trip was definitely the trip we took to Salzburg in Austria which isn't too far from Munich if I recall. There is always a lot of fun on school tour buses that you really don't notice the time passing by.

We initially went to some salt mines just outside Salzburg which were really cool. We went on this little train thing that brought us around!

Afterwards, we headed to the city of Salzburg where we were given a guided tour of the set of The Sound Of Music. If you are like me, and have never see the film (and I still haven't after all these years) you will be a little bit confused by the songs that the tour guides sing during the tour, but you will be absolutely enchanted by the picturesque views of Salzburg!

Have you ever been to Munich or Salzburg?

What did you get up to there?


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