July Insta Month!


Hey Guys!

The end of the month has come. Wait, what? That means I'm going to the States in 15 days! 15 days! Anyway, it's the time of the month when I like to share what I've been up to during the month as well as sharing my Instagram photos in case you missed some of them during the month!

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For me, the month of July began in a completely different country! You see, on June 30th, my family and I headed away on a holiday to the Madeira Island. If you've been living under a rock and haven't caught up with the latest content on my blog, then you won't have read my holiday journals I wrote about my time in Madeira! 

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There was so much I got to do in Madeira. I went on a cable car, visited Port Moniz, did my first ever scuba dive and snorkel as well as go kayaking with my dad. I definitely got the balance between adventure and relaxing and I would highly recommend Madeira to anybody who would like to experience the best of both worlds!

After our holiday, I definitely experienced a dose of the holiday blues. I missed the sea and Island life in general, not to mention the sun which is very much like a dormant volcano in Ireland, it rarely appears. I kind of sat around moping about for a few days, when I decided that I would head to Dublin for a week and have a break from the family.

I headed to Dublin and spent a week there with my boyfriend Cathal, who also came up and stayed in his house. We ended up doing a lot of chilling out, watching some anime, but also hung out with some friends. I met up with one of my college friends Victoria for the last time before I head to America. She's in Germany for the rest of the summer!

Cathal and I also headed to Dublin Zoo for a random day, but I felt we didn't go early enough as we missed seeing elephants! However, I really enjoyed seeing tigers, wolves and the safari animals! 

After our week of quality time together, I had to see Cathal again for a small get together he arranged for his birthday! He organized lunch for a group of us in Kytlers which is a lovely bar and restaurant in Kilkenny. I ended up getting the standard, chicken, potatoes and vegetables and shared a bailey's cheesecake with Anastasia for dessert! 

The week after that, not much exciting has happened to me. I've had almost no fun days out etc. I've mainly been organising health insurance for when I go to the states as well as speaking with my roommate who seems absolutely lovely.

I also sent in my CV to three PR/Marketing companies for 2017. Keep your fingers crossed that I'll get a placement.

I also randomly decided to start a bullet journal as I really want to keep on top of assignments etc. this year in college! 

The last week of July was pretty exciting. I started to apply for placements for professional work experience in 2017 and I got a skype interview, so it'll be interesting to see how that goes. The skype interview is only because the only space available for interview is when I am abroad in the states. I was pretty excited about getting an interview because it was in the area of marketing which is something I really do have an interest in.

As well as that, I met up with some of my college friends in Dublin. We ended up playing crazy mini golf in Dundrum shopping centre and later on I finally downloaded Pokémon Go and we went to UCD to catch Pokémon. It's not that good at home because I live in the absolute middle of nowhere!

I am very excited for the month of August, as I'll be heading to Chicago and from there Indiana for my semester abroad in Purdue University!

What have been your highlights for the month of July?
Please let me know in the comments below and have a lovely day! 


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  1. When I just 'met' you, you were going on your holiday and my god. You Instagram was serious envy to be honest haha. I love your feed and I'm happy you had a great time. Keep on the good work!

    Marc | Bugger All Blog

  2. Your photos of your trip look fab! Oh my goodness that copper phone though!!

    Laura x


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