7 Blog Posts that have inspired me to Travel!


The peak of summer has come; and with that, it seems as though everyone is going away on their summer breaks. It was only two weeks ago, that I spent my time in paradise on the Island of Madeira. Everyone wants to snap their bikini shots and get a bronzed glow before it is too late.

I'm personally, still feeling some holiday blues. I wish I could just jet off to the States right now. These three weeks will fly by I am sure.

As you would expect, travel related posts have been sprinkled left, right and centre and honestly, I have been loving it. I love seeing people's photo diaries, their recommendations of what to do on holidays as well as scrolling through the masses and masses of holiday Instagram pictures which literally scream "goals".

In today's blog post, I will be sharing ten different blog posts that have all inspired me to see the world and add lots of wonderful places to my travel bucket list!

1. 5 of the Cheapest Islands to Visit in Europe - www.throughthemirror.co.uk 

Earlier on in the summer, Caitlin wrote about 5 budget locations to travel to this summer on her blog Through the Mirror. Some of the locations she recommended included The Greek Island of Milos, Tenerife and Sicily. The specific place she inspired me to travel to was most definitely Sicily as it is a location which combines beautiful beaches with history and adventure! 

2. Venice Photo Diary Part i - www.thelovecatsinc.com

If I had to pick my favourite city that I have ever visited, then it would have to be Venice. Every inch of it is pure, unadulterated beauty. From the massive assortment of colour, to the architectural masterpieces, to the cute little bridges, Venice is just a place you NEED to visit!

Helen's pictures in this post on The Love Cats Inc. just made me miss Venice and have a sudden desire to go back. I really recommend that you read the rest of this post in the link above the picture! 

3. Skopelos - The Perfect Greek Island - www.wellemma.com

Emma from the blog Wellemma has recently wrote about her break to the Greek Island of Skopelos and explained to us why it is in her mind, the perfect Greek Island. She does an in depth explanation of how to get to the Island, as there are no direct flights there and also describes what there is to do and see.

Unlike Mykonos, Crete and Corfu, this Island is not an extremely popular tourist destination, despite its beauty. I feel like it's a hidden gem I've uncovered thanks to Emma! I love the whole concept of a tranquil and peaceful Island that you can pretty much unwind completely in!

4. Things to do in Barcelona - www.saltandchic.com  

Amy from the Blog Salt and Chic in my experience, has persistently produced wonderfully thought out travel posts. They have been posts that I would definitely call my favourites. Her recent post about things to do in Barcelona was a lovely read.

Although Barcelona is a fairly trendy tourist destination, I actually knew very little about what there was to do and see there. Her post definitely enlightened me, as she showed the gothic side of town, the beautiful beach of Marbella and even mentioned that you can go on a cable car as well as boat rides. Head over to Salt and Chic to give the post a read for yourself!

5. Travel Diary : Miami - www.rosetoroses.com 

As I will be studying in the states, I would really like to take the time to go on a weekend trip to Miami, which is actually not too expensive. Raiza's blogpost has made me want to go there even more, mainly because she has shared stunning shots of Miami and made a lovely YouTube video to accompany her post!

6. Welcome to Calpe : Holiday Edit - robertjames.blogspot.ie 

This was the first post of Robert's I ever read, and what a gem to begin with. He has since done a few other posts, he's written an in-depth post about New York that I really need to read after writing this post!

What I liked about this post is that Calpe is a region in Spain that I for one have never heard of and due to Robert's clever combination of beautiful imagery and descriptions has given me a little craving which has forced me to add this to the never-ending travel bucket list!

7. Under the Sea & Hammock Life. Maldives - www.tanyaburr.co.uk

Whenever, Tanya Burr has been away on a break away, or has travelled and written about it on her blog www.tanyaburr.co.uk , I consistently click on her blog posts to read and stare at her pictures of perfection and begin to have that feeling of complete jealousy arise within me.

This woman has definitely been an avid travel enthusiast this year and has been to many cool and unique destinations such as Marbella, the Maldives and South Africa. I have taken note and aim to one day be able to travel there!

Do any of these posts inspire you to see the world?
What other travel posts have inspired you?

Please let me know in the comments below and have a wonderful day! 


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  1. I want to travel soo bad! I have just been to Prague and had the best time ever! I have got the bug now!
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  2. I love this post. I want to travel so badly. Really hoping I can quit my job and travel in a year or two xx


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