6 Adventures you can try on the Madeira Island!


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Today I am writing yet another post about Madeira. However, this time, it's not a travel diary! I'm finished with those. I've told you about everything I did and shared my most cherished photos with you!


When I was on my break away in early July, I had the absolute pleasure of experiencing adventures I've never experienced before! I got to go snorkelling, kayaking, scuba diving and I went on a Catamaran. They were all the best fun! Despite this, I have not written about everything that is on offer in Madeira.

When abroad, it is important to relax as well as experience a new culture and do lots of cool and really exciting things you would have otherwise never done. It's vital that you get that balance between fun and adventurous and calm and relaxing in my opinion. So that's what I did. I didn't overload myself by going on adventures all day every day, I also left time to relax, enjoy myself and forget about my life at home. There is a lot that we didn't do in Madeira, so those are the things that I will be focusing on in today's blog post!

6 Adventures you can try on the Madeira Island 

1. Rent a Jet Ski 

The Marina at the sea front of Funchal included absolutely tonnes and tonnes of advertisements for essentially all the different sea activities one could think of - Snorkelling with Dolphins, Kayaking, Scuba Diving and so much more! This also included renting a Jet Ski which we failed to do in our time in Madeira! 

2. Travel to Port Santo

Although an Island, Madeira offers a very limited number of beaches. It's not famous for them at all. However, a neighbouring and smaller island called Port Santo is the complete opposite in this department. All of Port Santo is sandy beaches and is complete paradise for those beach lovers! There is a vast availability of both flights and ferries that travel daily to Port Santo! It's definitely worth the visit!

3. Go on a Levada Walk 

As Madeira is such a gorgeous and enchanting Island, there were many, many levada walks and tours on offers. These are essentially leisurely walks which allow you to both get some exercise and see the panoramic views of Madeira!

4. Go Paragliding

I was reading a lot of brochures about going paragliding when we were planning our trip to Madeira and I was really up for going. However, when I asked somebody at the Marina they said that Paragliding is highly dependant on the wind that day. Due to the unlikelihood of getting that wind, I gave this one a miss! 

5. Scuba Dive in Madeira Aquarium

I managed to have a beautiful experience at the Carlton Hotel Scuba diving in the water and seeing all the sea life. Another option is to go to Madeira Aquarium in Port Moniz (which we went to but hadn't enough time to visit the aquarium) and do a scuba dive there. The thing I like about this experience is that people can see you enjoying your dive and it is a lot easier to get good pictures rather than taking one down under water if you're initially apprehensive.

6. Go on a Safari Trip

A lot of the advertisements in Funchal were for these Safari Jeep tours. When I initially saw them I was very excited and imagined myself seeing tigers, lions and all sorts of animals you would find in the safari. However, that is not the case and that is why we did not opt for this choice of activity! They are essentially tours of different parts of the island in a jeep which isn't too different to the tour we had of the west! 

Have you ever been to the Madeira Island?
If so, what kind of adventures did you get up to?
Let me know in the comments below!


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    1. Thank you Stacey! I really had an amazing time!

  2. Ah, I've been to Madeira ONCE because it's part of Portugal but I want to go again. It's beautiful, isn't it?

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