5 Things to do on your plane journey!


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As you are reading this post I am away in Madeira. Due to me travelling, I have really been thinking about it a lot and it has hence been a very dominant theme on my blog lately! I have travelled on holidays to Madeira, I was extremely close to making a last minute trip to Norway with my friends and I will be making a flight to Chicago mid-August! I am used to short-distance flights to Europe and the UK, but I am extremely frightened of taking an 8-hour flight to Chicago independently! My main concern is that I won't find much to do for that amount of time.

Today's post is going to centre around the whole concept of flying and things you can do to distract yourself while on the plane. Phones must be put on flight mode while flying which makes this even harder as the internet is one of the greatest sources of entertainment for me.

5 Things you can do on your plane journey! 
1.  Colour

My inner child absolutely adores colouring. There is no activity that can calm you and allow time to elapse quickly than when you are colouring, I have a variety of adult colouring books that can easily be popped into your hand luggage with some pencils and away you go. Some of the really tiny and complicated designs can take absolutely hours to colour which really helps time pass in the blink of an eye!

2. Nap 

This is a particularly great way to spend your time on a long-distance flight. I am intending to take at least a 4 hour nap on my flight from Dublin to Chicago in August. The benefit of napping on the flight is that it will allow you to adjust to the change in time zone more easily.

3. Play A Game on your Phone

As long as you can play the game in question without the use of internet and while flight mode is activated there is no reason why you shouldn't play a game for half an hour. Some of my favourite games at the moment are 94 Seconds, 2048 and Temple Run. What games would you play on the plane?

4. Speak to Someone 

Up until the age of 8, travelling by ferry was my only means of transporting myself from one country to another. It was then that I took my first flight to Paris in France to Beauvais airport I believe. I recall feeling a little apprehensive so to calm myself I ended up speaking to a lovely man who I sat beside with my dad on the flight! It doesn't necessarily have to be a stranger, it can be just as easy to speak to somebody you are travelling with. Have a deep meaningful conversation and just see how the flight will pass in the blink of an eye.

5. Write a Poem or a Story 

Why not use the time on the plane to get creative? Write a fiction story or a poem, paint a picture or plan an upcoming blogpost. Do whatever your creative juices urge you to do and it will allow the plane to land faster than the speed of light!

What do you like to do when you are flying?


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  1. Writing a poem or a story is actually a really great idea! I never thought of that. Thanks for sharing. :)



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