4 Types of People we all Follow on Snap Chat!


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The focus of today's post is going to be Snap Chat! Snap Chat is more of an app I use to speak to personal contacts and friends rather than those who blog, although I do follow a few of you fellow bloggers! It enables us to collect embarrassing photos of friends with ease by taking a handy screen shot and then unexpectedly sharing it on their facebook wall when it is their birthday! Guys, in a way I am dreading my birthday, some of my friends have a wide collection of pictures portraying my ugliest moments!

Today's post is going to go a bit in depth about the different types of stories I see when I am browsing through various Snap Chat stories. Personally, it annoys me when I have not looked at a story because it comes up as a notification on the Snap Chat App, so I often peer through many stories on a daily basis.

I am now going to do a quick synopsis of the different type of Snap Chatters I frequently encounter!

4 Types of People we all Follow on Snap Chat! 
1.  The Always Drunk 

I don't know about you, but it feels like every evening as I browse through the list of Snap Chat stories there is always a story displaying somebody drinking alcohol, going out partying and getting absolutely wasted. For me, it is usually the exact same people sharing a similar story several times a week! I wonder how they have the energy and the money to maintain this kind of lifestyle, but fair play to them if they're having fun I guess!

2. The Ranter 

This kind of Snap Chatter exists in lesser quantities than "The Always Drunk". However, I have seen this kind of snap chatter fairly often. For some reason, people think it is worthwhile to make several consecutive ten-second videos of them going on a tangent about some of their everyday first world problems. Yes it sucks at that current moment of time but would the constant cutting out every ten seconds not be just as frustrating? I don't see why people complain about menial things on snap chat, and even if they are wider more important issues they are ranting about why not write a blog post or create a YouTube video that will express the problem more eloquently, comprehensively and much more well structured?

3. The Emoji Obsessed 

Recently enough, Snap Chat decided to introduce a wide variety of different masks you could put on your face using the app. These included things from filters that deform your face and make your nose extremely large to filters displaying movie characters like bath man or even a dog or cat mask specifically tailored for the feline or canine lover. There isn't really a day that goes by where I don't find a story where someone hasn't posted a picture of themselves with one of these filters applied for no apparent reason!

4. The Casual Chatter 
The final type of people one would commonly follow on Snap Chat is "the Casual Chatter". Typically, these are people like YouTubers or bloggers who are used to talking to a camera and normally appear very natural when creating a snap chat story! They will usually start talking to their camera and telling it about their day and posting it as a snap chat story that will be communicated to their viewers.

So these are the four types of people on SnapChat I come across the most! Is there any other group of snap chatters that should be included in this group?

Are you any of these four categories and do you follow any of these types of snap chatters?
Why not let me know in the comments below!!!


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  1. So accurate!


  2. Omg I get soooo annoyed at people who constantly snapchat their nights out! Like a couple of pics, maybe one vid if the song is a good 'un but like its so sad... just showing off and seems like they need to show people how much fun they're having :/ probably the saddest people as well :( xo


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