Summer Favourites 2016!


Hello lovelies,

As most of you will be aware, I am not the kind of blogger who can commit to a monthly favourites post. I feel like there aren't enough days in the month to accumulate a sense of adoration for certain products. As well as that, I don't purchase things often enough to make favourite posts insightful, fresh and different. So, I opt for the seasonal favourites option. I feel like the products I favour in the summer differ to those I love in the autumn or winter. In the colder months I often choose darker more vampy types of makeup items whereas in the summer my preference is usually light makeup.

So today's post will contain some of the many items I adore in summer. Usually, Ireland doesn't have warm weather, but there was a two-week long spell of it earlier on in June. I am hoping to see more of that sunshine so that these favourite products can continue to have some sort of presence in my life. So without any further interruption, I will now be speaking about some of my favourite products for the season!

Dove Derma Spa Summer Revived : Body Lotion with Self-Tanners 
Dove, for me, has always been a fantastic brand, especially when it comes to self-tanning. It is the perfect product to apply to your skin and allow it to develop into a subtly bronzed and sun-kissed looking tan. I usually go for the fair to medium skin version as I feel it is sufficient and after a few applications I notice the bronze a good bit. This soft concoction is pretty inexpensive and at the time of purchase was bought in one of Boot's deals - 3 for the price of 2! What really proves the effectiveness of this product is its constant popularity. This was sold out in Sam McCauley's before I went to boots to search for it!

Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs : Light Glow 
I feel like everyone, their mother and  their dog have used a Sally Hansen Spray Tan. This is the option I'd go for if I had an event where I'd need to instantly be dolled up for i.e a debs or a wedding. The product is easy to distribute with a tanning mitten and I feel like the shade "light glow" looks very natural and flattering on me.

Dunnes Stores : Straw Hat
Fairly recently, I was in Dunnes Stores which is an Irish Store. It was there that I discovered a hat that would soon become a fashion staple for me. The Straw Hat did everything I wanted it to and more for a decent price of €10! The colour of the hat I felt was very flattering to my skin tone and it didn't flop too much but at the same time didn't have too much structure. Definitely one of my favourite purchases so far!!!

Forever 21 : Sun Flower Shorts

I'll be honest, ever since I purchased these cute little shorts at the start of May I have lived in them. This is mainly because they are so multifunctional. They are cute enough to be worn out and about as they were on my trip to Altamont Gardens. However, they are also comfortable enough to be worn for lounging around the house on one of those lazy days. They were also pretty inexpensive.

Ice Tea  

During the summer, I go absolutely mad for ice tea. Whenever we've had it in our fridge I would drink it like a calf drinks milk. I've even tried to make my own concoction of ice tea when we have run out. Unfortunately, it hasn't worked out the best. I guess experimentation is still needed. Nestea is undoubtedly a firm favourite but there is a pretty decent and cheap brand of ice tea available in Lidl also!

MAC Brave
What is a favourites post without a bit of beauty added into the mix? For me, my most grabbed lipstick would definitely be MAC Brave which is a cute pink lipstick that I feel really suits me. The staying power and pigmentation of this lipstick is excellent and I feel like it lasts a very long time before needing a top up!

What have been your favourite products this season?


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  1. Those shorts are so so cute girl!!! I LOVE them!! Mac Brave is such a beautiful shade too.. I seriously have to pick it up!


  2. The straw hat is cute and I love the shorts!


  3. I love love love iced tea! It is my favourite thing to drink during the Summer too. Nice post!

  4. I think I've fallen in love with those shorts! Forever 21 strikes again with another fab item. Have a great week, Chloe xx


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