My Goals for the end of 2016!


Hey Guys!

As I said in my last post, June is coming to a close and I am wondering where the first half of 2016 went to. It went in a flash! I feel like this half of the year is the ideal time to start setting new goals. It can be very easy to become unmotivated when you no longer have anything to aim towards. I've always been encouraged to set goals for myself and to work hard to achieve what I have set out to do. It worked well when I intended to do well in exams and came out content with the results I obtained at the end of the day and when I made more of an effort with my social media etc.

Today's post is going to focus on my plans for the second half of this year and what I hope to achieve and do with myself. It's always interesting in retrospect to look at these kind of posts and see how much you've accomplished in six months. My blog is not only a guide for lifestyle tips, it is also my personal sanctuary where I can update both my readers and myself on the big moments in my life in current time as well as tracking my progress! Without too much more rambling, I shall go on to discuss some of the aims I intend to reach!

My Goals for the second half of 2016!

Travel America

I know I am constantly rambling on and on about how excited I am about studying in Purdue and hoping to travel and see the other side of the world. I am only going to be in the states for this long chunk of time once (unless I decide to live there!) so I may as well see as much as it as humanly possible. I would like to visit somewhere every weekend if possible! I've heard our study abroad coordinator is great at arranging group tours! I'm not entirely sure of everywhere I intend to visit, but a day in Chicago and Michigan are definitely going to happen. I would love to go to New York or California also but they may be a bit too far from my neck of the woods. Time will tell! 

Obtain a GPA over 4 

This may be my most optimistic aim for the year, but I am determined to leave my degree with a high honours degree or a first overall! Hard work during the week will surely help me achieve this goal. I've heard from past students that the assessment in America is a lot easier to do well in than here in Ireland so hopefully I'll be able to achieve this one!

Find a Placement for my Professional Work Experience 
We are obligated to complete 30 weeks of PWE in our third year in UCD. Whilst in America and for the remainder of the summer I really need to work hard on applying for placements for work experience, I am going to try hard to find good placements that I'll actually enjoy and that will benefit. I am also hoping to apply for a work experience place abroad in Europe!

Get Fit and Healthy 

I am hoping that after my holiday to Madeira, that I will begin attempting to get fit and healthy again! When I am eating a good diet and regularly exercising, I feel my best and would like to keep this up until the end of the year!


I am aiming to keep up with the blog on a weekly basis. Being abroad, I feel like this will be difficult as I'll be focusing on the fun aspect rather than the work etc. Hopefully I'll be able to write 3 times a week as I did during the college year last year.

Reach 1000 followers on Twitter and Instagram

It feels like I've been stuck on the same number of followers on both Twitter and Instagram for months on end! But I am hoping to reach the 1000 mark on both platforms by the end of this year. I'll need to increase my rate of engagement and get more involved in twitter chats to help me progress faster!

What goals are you setting for yourself for the second half of the year?


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  2. Ohh nice! I love this. Thanks for sharing.
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  3. I can't believe how fast this year is flying by too! It seems like every year goes past faster and faster. I hope you have an incredible time in America - I would LOVE to visit Chicago - it's on my list of things to do before I turn 25! Good luck with all your goals :-)


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