Altamont Gardens!


Hey Lovelies,

As I write this post, the sun is absolutely blazing in the sky. Currently, Ireland is like a completely different country. For the past week, temperatures have reached 19 or even 21 degrees which has provided us with a gentle sunshine similar to that in countries like Italy or France! In light of the wonderful weather we have been having, my mum and I decided to have a day out to Altamont Gardens which is located close by!

Altamont Gardens is a beautiful mixture of various gardens situated on about 100 acres of land in Tullow, County Carlow! From a Walled Garden, to a Bog Garden, to a Mini Temple, this place is definitely the perfect to inspire a garden enthusiast!

The place is also located near to the river slany which provides refreshing water which adds to the idyllic atmosphere of the gardens! Absolutely ideal for escaping the hardship of everyday life or taking a dog on a relaxing walk! This place is the perfect place to escape to!

As well as stunning gardens and places to walk around and explore, Altamont also features a sale area where you can buy various plants as well as a small café where you can get a small bite to eat after walking around the gardens. On the day we went, we decided to get locally produced apple juice which was absolutely delicious!

This place is located in close proximity to Huntington Castle and The Forge that were written about in a post last year if you are looking at alternative places to eat!

There is an old house also located in these gardens, We have been waiting years for it to be renovated and open to the public. As you can see from the first picture in this post, the house is absolutely enchanting!

Have you had an enjoyable day out in recent times?
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  1. Oh this place looks absolutely stunning! I love big gardens and old cottages and the countryside in general. I'm currently living in Finland and we don't have many places like this around here, not near the capital at least. The weather has been nice lately though, it was getting close to 30 degrees the other day! | Bloglovin’ 

  2. Lovely post! I was there with my family last year in February, it was so beautiful and peaceful.


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