9 Things to make time for this Summer!


Ah the summer! The time when the sunshine begins to show its face and you’ve a little bit of time to yourself. After exams are over and done with, all you want to do is sit down and do absolutely nothing! However, after a week or so you may begin to find yourself a bit bored and fed up of life at home. I have therefore compiled a list of 9 different things that I feel that everyone can make time for during the summer. Be sure to add some of these things to your summer bucket list 2016.

1. Visit Family!

Sometimes it can be difficult to visit those who are most important to you. So, why not make the time to visit family during the holidays. Most of my family are a three hour journey in the car away and I can definitely spare the time to make the journey to see them!

2. Visit Friends!

Once you head to University you’ll begin to notice that it becomes increasingly difficult to see your friends. I know it was for me. I even ended up losing contact with a few people. At this stage in our lives though, I feel that people should understand that it can be difficult to make the time to hang out. It doesn’t mean you don’t love your friends. It just means that you’re busy! Every time I have holidays I do make the effort to hang out with my friends from home!

3. Go Traveling!

Need a break from reality or want to explore a piece of the world you’ve never seen before? Well, then traveling is the perfect thing to make time for this summer! Whether you are inter-railing from one European city to another, to escaping on an idyllic family holiday to a relaxing destination, you will still be able to visit new places as well as witnessing a brand new culture. Of course you can always visit a place you’ve visited before also!  

4. Get a Job!

When you’re young and looking to travel, have college fees to pay and going to different places every so often, the cost can definitely stack up! It may certainly be worthwhile to acquire a summer job to earn some cash and save up for the more important moments at other times of the year!! I think it is worth it!

5. Get Fit!

As the days get longer and the sun shines stronger than ever at this time of the year, there is most certainly no excuse for not spending time in the great outdoors. With that, there aren’t many excuses for not exercising at this time of the year. Take a trip to the local pool, go on a run under the sunshine or take a yoga mat outside and see where the wind takes you. I always try to get more fit during the summer and you can really take advantage of the weather if the gym isn’t something that takes your fancy!

6. Have a picnic!

Sometimes I have always wanted to do is have an Over-the-top picnic! Napkins, plastic cutlery, a blanket and a wonderful array of food. Why not make the time to gather with a group of friends and create a wonderful picnic in the great outdoors. Be it in your own back yard or the local park, there is most definitely somewhere to enjoy some good friends with people you care about!

7. Take a trip to the beach!

I don’t know about you, but for me it is rare that I take a trip to the beach. The summer is the perfect time for this. Whether you want to relax on the sand, play in the water or get on a surf board, a trip to the beach is definitely worthwhile!

8. Go to a festival!

If there is a perfect time to head to a festival, I would definitely say that it is summer time. Whether you’re looking at attending a concert or a music festival like Longitude or Electric Picnic, it is definitely a great thing to make time for. Make time to relax and chill in your bohemian and festival themed outfits!

9. Make time for yourself!

One of the most important things you can make time for is yourself. Even though the summer is a long three months, the time will end up flying by. Be sure to make the time to yourself; whether it is going for a frequent walk and keeping to your own thoughts or having a dip in a deep bath tub with a magnificent bath bomb. Once you are back in school or college after the holidays the term can become pretty hectic and in no time you won’t have the spare moments to indulge and make that much needed time for yourself!

What do you think you should make time for during the summer holidays? Be sure to let me know in the comments below!!! 


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  1. Love all of these Ellen ! I love summer and I like to make it as productive and fun as possible :)
    Shannon || bubblesandfresh.blogspot.ie

  2. Nice post! I really wanted to get a Summer job this year but unfortunately I didn't get one.


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