8 ways to share love in the blogosphere!


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If I had to name something about blogging that makes me the happiest, then it would have to be when people enjoy or love the content I am providing them with. Nothing lifts my spirits more than that piece of recognition or approval that something I have put up on the internet for others to read was either enjoyable or helpful! I can't help it! Most people like being complimented and applauded for their hard work.

For the past few months, I have been a member of the fastest ever growing blogging group created by Jemma (AKA Dorkface Blog) known as The Girl Gang. The purpose of the group is to bring bloggers and non-bloggers together to promote love and positivity through inspiring monthly emails as well as weekly chats, meet-ups and much, much more. The whole existence of the group has encouraged me to be kinder to bloggers in particular and applaud their online work! This is where the whole inspiration for the following post arose. Why not share a few ways in which we all can share a bit of love in the blogging community!

Hopefully this will enthuse you to share love, positivity and applaud other people's work online!

8 ways to share Love in the blogosphere! 

1. Writing a very thoughtful comment on a blog post - Write a comment that demonstrates that you've read the blog post and enjoyed it! We can all tell when someone didn't read your blog post and just wants you to reciprocate by reading theirs. I'm talking about you "follow for follow?" people!

2. Retweeting someone's blog post on twitter and adding a comment why you loved it - I do this now and again when I am rushing or on my phone and it is difficult to make a blog comment. It can be hard to be always sat behind the laptop and reading blog post after blog post, so this is an alternative way to share a bit of blog love!

3. Giving someone a shout out in a blog post - Many bloggers do a top 5 bloggers post every month. I, personally do it less often but I get such a wonderful feeling when my blog or a blog post of mine has been broadcasted on someone else's website! Not only will it help build up traffic but it also shows that the blogger liked your content enough to share it with others!

4. Send a thoughtful email - In the past I have gotten emails from people telling me they loved my blog and would love to collaborate! It's such an easy way of making somebody smile and spreading the love!

5. Sending a postcard - Another nice gesture is to send somebody a postcard. It doesn't necessarily have to be about their blog. You could start a friendship and become pen pals with a fellow blogger. I know it would make me smile to get a lovely postcard from a fellow blogger even if it was only a once-off!

6.  Ask somebody how they are doing - We sometimes forget about the little things. Sometimes a little Hello or a How are you can make someone's day miles better! Maybe somebody is going through a rough time and needs to talk? Simply tweeting somebody a simple kind message is one of the easiest ways to spread love in the blogging community!

7. Commenting on their Instagram photos - Like myself, a lot of bloggers are Instagram obsessed. It's not just the images we like scrolling through or the memories we like to share, but we also like getting feedback on our content. Likes are pretty common, but comments, especially genuine ones are rare on instagram. Leave someone a nice comment on their Instagram, it might make their day!

8. Create something for a fellow blogger - Draw them a picture, write them a poem or something. As long as you're pretty good friends with the other blogger they will see this gesture as something cute or sentimental rather than a creepy or weird gesture done by someone on the internet!

How would you normally share love on the blogosphere?
Let me know in the comments!


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  1. These tips are so nice! Thank you for sharing them, I will definitely try some of them.
    I don't think I would send a postcard, maybe an e-postcard. :)

  2. Lovely post hun! I like this so much.

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  3. I love these ideas so much! It's really funny because I think the blogging community is one of the few that sends emails to each other! Great post!



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