6 Things you can do while studying abroad no matter where you are!


Hi Lovelies,

I hope you are all well. Sorry if you are getting sick and tired of me rambling on and on about my whole study abroad. If I am honest, it's frustrating for me as I feel like I still have so long to wait even though its less than two months! Eeep! I thought I would make sure that this post would suit all people studying abroad or even going on a J1, regardless of location!

As well as travelling and seeing a bit more of the world, I really feel that studying abroad allows you to grow as a person. It allows you to become less dependant on friends and family and more dependant on yourself. When an emergency happens at 10 pm at night you can hardly ring your friends at home when it is 2 or 3 am on their side of the planet!

So today's post is about a few things you can achieve or do while studying abroad! I hope you enjoy!

1. Travel and See more of the world!

I believe that travelling and seeing more of the world we live in is one of the primary aims of most people choosing to study abroad. Fortunately, wherever your neck of the woods may be, there will always be places to explore. If you're in the states there'll be big places like New York and Chicago to discover which are nothing like what I am used to. If you're in Europe there will be lots of lovely places to explore and it'd be super easy to hop onto a plane and wander around another country if you want to!

2. Meet new people!

Meeting new people is something that will undoubtedly happen when you are abroad and you are sure to get to know a lot of foreign and international people. These could be potential contacts or friends for the future and it is always nice to introduce yourself to new cultural ways and by interacting with people of different nationalities you may acquire knowledge of a culture you previously knew nothing about!

3. Send Post Cards

One random day the idea came to me that I'd like to send post cards to my friends at home while I am away. So to my journal I scribbled down the addresses of my friends who will receive post cards and will have an unexpected surprise come to their door between now and Christmas. I just thought it was a cute idea and it'll also be a little souvenir they can keep!

4. Keep a Journal

This was an idea that derived from my boyfriend's housemate Jessica. When they went on their European adventure to CERN in Switzerland, Jessica wrote a journal recording every single moment from the trip. I'd kinda like to write a journal while I'm in the states and it is something anyone can do whether you are studying abroad or just simply going on a holiday! Plus if you love stationery like me this is another excuse to purchase another cute notebook!

5. Try new cuisine!

Not all the food abroad is going to be the same as at home. If going on this endeavour why not delve into the delicious delights contained in the local cuisine. Try a snail in France, visit an authentic Italian restaurant or order food from an American food chain place! There'll always be something you haven't tried before!

6. Grow and develop as a person! 

Studying abroad will allow you to grow as a person. You'll go through experiences which will give you certain assets and skills that others may not attain. Potential employers absolutely love seeing people who have been abroad because it shows you have the guts to stick yourself in an environment you are completely unfamiliar with and most end up very successful upon studying abroad!

Have you ever studied abroad?
What did you achieve from your experience?
Make sure to let me know in the comments down below! 


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  1. I would love to study abroad but I have no idea how to go about it in my Uni :( good luck in your travels... I cannot wait to hear all about it!
    Shannon || bubblesandfresh.blogspot.ie

  2. great work.. i just follow your blog.
    Greetings from Greece.

  3. Deffo send postcards! I sent a few to my fam and friends! And the people I met at the lab were some of the nicest, most supportive funny people I've ever met! xo


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