5 tips for planning a holiday last minute!


Hey lovelies,

There is no doubt in my mind that the summer-time is the most ideal time to set off and head on holiday to a brand new destination. Although it is probably best to plan in advance, sometimes the best holidays can be spur of the moment types of things that don't take months of planning and consideration. In today's post I thought I would share a few tips for planning a holiday a few weeks before you intend to jet off!

1. Get a package Holiday!

When we went to Lake Garda in Italy  about two years ago, we decided to opt for a package holiday. We got in contact with the company "Crystal Summer" who did several things for us which included arranging the flights, the accommodation as well as the various activities and excursions we took part in. Due to this, we did not have the stress of renting a car or organising journeys out to Verona or Venice or Bolzano. We also had the complete freedom to ask our guide questions and get accurate answers. By getting a package holiday you can organise many activities on a break in a very short space of time!

2. Visit a Travel Agent! 

There is no harm in paying a visit to a Travel Agents nearby! It is in their job description to filter various holiday destinations to meet your needs and certain criteria that you're expecting. They have organised holidays for groups of people thousands of times in the past which is why it is well worth getting in contact with one.

3. Ask friends and family about their past experiences! 

One of the things that allowed us to find the wonderful location of Lake Garda in the north of Italy was through speaking to people about their previous experiences. If I recall correctly, one of my dad's work colleagues told him about Lake Garda and that it was a nice location for a relaxing family holiday!

4. Don't plan too much! 

I feel like if you plan too much all at once you are bound to stress yourself out too much. Make sure you have spare time to just chill out and relax as well as time to enjoy excursions, tours and activities. In your spare time go for a walk to the local time. Don't over-fill your time. Remember you have gone away to relax also!

5. Opt for a company you trust! 
This point refers to when you have opted for a package holiday. Sometimes it can be difficult and risky to find a new company to plan your holiday. However, if you had a good experience with a certain company there is no reason not to remain loyal to them. Crystal Summer provided us with an excellent holiday to Italy but they also specialise in Mountain and Lake themed holidays across Northern Europe in places such as Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Slovenia and of course Italy! There is so much more that this company can provide us with!

Are you going on holidays this year?
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  1. Lovely post hun! I like this so much.

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  2. I love this! A great helpful post! I'm off to Prague in a week and Amsterdam in september!
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  3. These are really great tips! Wish I could go on holiday haha :)



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