5 Things you should take to a house party!


Hey Guys!

It seems that every summer somebody hosts a House Party. Since the age of 15, one of the common things that my summer has consisted of is at least one invitation to a house party! There was one summer when I had a party every week for three weeks in a row! House parties are a superb way to spend your holidays as you are catching up with friends, having fun and forgetting about your everyday problems for a day! In the following post I will be writing about 5 things that add a nice touch to one of these mad parties!

5 Things you should take to a House Party! 

1. A Sleeping Bag 

When there is a lot of people invited to a house party, you may not be guaranteed a bed to sleep in so should definitely consider taking a sleeping bag. Even if you do manage to get a bed for the night there may be people in need of a sleeping bag for the night and you could offer them yours.

2. One of your Favourite Recipes 

One of my favourite things about parties has to be the party food. I typically stuff myself with as much as physically possible without feeling guilty. Sometimes providing one of your own baked goods or an all time favourite recipe is a nice sentiment at a party. Cookies, cupcakes and sweet goods are always very popular!

3. A Game 

It is usually at parties that games are played. Why not contribute to the fun and bring a deck of playing cards or a game like dobble or cards against humanity or even a board game if you have enough room! Playing games with friends can be super fun.

4. A Gift 

There is no doubt at all that a gift is necessary if you are going to a birthday party! However, sometimes I feel if it is only a house party and the parents are around it is a nice gesture to give them a gift for giving up the house!

5. Face Wipes 
You and your friends have been drinking til 5 am and partying like animals, the last thing you want to be thinking about is a "cleanse, tone and moisturise" skin care routine. Face wipes are always a handy thing to take to a party because it does the job quickly with minimal effort and a lot of people will be looking to use them!

Is there anything you always bring to a house party?


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  1. Great Tips! Thanks for sharing & Happy Friday! :)
    xx Ohiamiht Blog

  2. Face wipes! The one thing that I always forget, and what I regret not bringing every morning when I wake up with beautiful panda eyes 😂🐼

    Abbey ✨ www.abbeylouisarose.co.uk

  3. I haven't been to a house party in ages! In Portsmouth everything was in walking distance so we could just stroll back at 5am :D but we tended to have people over more than going to others places which was always nice cos I could go to my bed whenever I wanted :P


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