5 Goals you should have for the Summer!


Hello lovelies,

I can't speak for you, but for me I feel like the summer is the perfect time to set goals and aim high! When there is so much free time to be consumed it is the perfect opportunity to set some short term goals that you want to achieve by the end of the holidays. In the following post I thought I would share 5 worthwhile goals to accomplish this summer!

5 Goals you should have this Summer

1. Get Fitter!

Summer enables us to find the extra time; time that would be well spent trying to get more fit. If you're attempting to lose weight then by all means go for it and get into a firm exercise routine. If you don't need to lose weight there is still an utmost importance in relation to fitness. Use the glorious summer to your advantage and go out for runs or use the time to head to the gym.

2. Eat Healthier!

Typically it is for the summer or during the summer when people start their diets to get their bikini ready body! However, healthy eating is important on a daily basis. Obviously we can indulge now and again but I think it is definitely worthwhile to have a goal in mind to keep eating healthily long term!

3. Save some Money! 

I don't know if some people would count this as a goal to accomplish for the summer. However, I feel like people should aim to put some money aside be it for travel, college fees or other costs that stack up during the year!

4. Acquire a new Skill or Hobby! 

It is the most ideal time to start a new skill or hobby is in your free time i.e the summer holidays. It was in the summer that I decided to start writing this blog and from there it has grown and developed massively. New skills and hobbies can be extremely advantageous and can even add to your employability.

5. Aim to have a productive semester after the summer! 

Through the upkeep of good habits like organisation, productive patterns such as not sleeping in til 2pm (we've all done it), you could potentially have a very productive semester once you finish the holidays. This is something I for one am most certainly hoping to achieve!

What are your aims this summer?


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  1. I want to improve my fitness level. I stopped running to gain muscle and now I need to burn off some fat. Can I tell you how great all five of these summer time goals are? All of them make since and should be done!


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