Ways to get more wear out of your clothes!


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I feel like I haven't had the time or the help to do any outfit posts for awhile, but hopefully, some more will be coming in the summer and for the remainder of the year. Instead, I thought I'd write a post that could help people more practically in Fashion. The whole idea for this post actually sparked from Tanya Burr who was talking about a campaign called #30wears on an Instagram post. She said that she was going to challenge herself to ask herself each time she shops for clothes if she'll wear the item 30 times or more. This is an attempt to help with the ongoing struggles of the workers making clothes for production. Although ethically shopping is probably more impactful, the #30wears campaign is most certainly a step in the right direction to improving the working conditions for many workers in the clothing industry.

Wearing an item 30 times isn't too challenging for most people, especially if your wardrobe comprises of mainly casual, minimalist pieces. However, sometimes you can get bored of an item before you've worn it even ten times. Hopefully today's post will get you feeling inspired to get the most wear out of the clothes you already have.

Ways to get more wear out of your clothes! 

1. Alter your clothes - 
One minute you are in love with a piece of clothing and wear it all the time, the next it totally doesn't suit your style. Sometimes altering your clothes might be the answer to re-falling in love with something. Awhile ago, my dad bought this god-awful dress for me which didn't suit me in the slightest. It was far too loose and long. The top of the garment however, was quite tight, so I cut it up into a crop top which I now wear to the gym all the time. Having a bit of imagination can go a long way. 

2. Put clothes away for awhile - 
Sometimes we can get sick of looking at something again and again for a long time. I had this issue with a skirt I used to wear the whole time. It was only recently I rediscovered it in a drawer where I kept it for a long time and lots of memories of wearing it came back to me. I now feel re-inspired to wear it again. I usually put my summer clothes away in winter and my winter clothes away during the summer so I am not tired of looking at them all the time. 

3. Swap clothes with a friend -
Have you ever seen an item that your friend has in their wardrobe but never ever wears? And do you have items that your friends have been eyeing up? Why not do a swap and get some additional wear out of clothes that the original owner no longer has much interest in. 

4. Give clothes to charity -
 Rather than throwing your clothes away, why not bring them to a charity shop? It means that people who want to wear the clothes you don't wear anymore will get the chance to at discounted prices. 

5. Plan your outfits -
 To ensure optimum wear of your items of clothing why not plan your outfits. Some people lay their clothes out the night before so they can jump into their outfits with ease. Planning to wear specific things will ensure you'll get more wear out of items. 

Have you any tips for getting more wear out of clothes?


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  1. I really like this post! Charity shops are a great way of buying clothes as well, if you only wear them a couple of times, you can just donate again because they're so cheap! 💗


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