5 Tips for getting those dreaded assignments done!


Hey Lovelies,

It is now April, the last month of lectures for us. With that, comes a lot of assignments, projects and submission dates to meet. It can all be a little stressful. I know in my experience that assignments bring up my stress levels by miles! We are always given assignments that are worth between 20 - 40 % of the final grade, which makes performing well in the projects essential if you are looking to do well in the module. Today's post is going to explore some of the things you can do when you're given an assignment.

5 Tips for getting those dreaded assignments done! 
1. Take note of the submission date : Getting the submission date jotted down in your notebook or calendar is a must in my opinion. Once you have the submission date in your mind, you can arrange the time you have around that date and organise what you have to do and when it has to be done. I had a Law assignment due for April 4th, A Crop Science Project due for April 13th, A Health and Safety Project due for April 15th and an Economics Project due later on April. These were all assigned to me at the same time, so naturally I started with Law and then proceeded to do the easier projects first.

2. Divide the sections based on the word count : Usually, when we are given a project, we are usually given an outline of sections to include in our projects i.e an Introduction, Findings, Conclusions. Based on the word count you are given you can divide up the word count for each section. For example, if you are required to write 4000 words, and there are 8 sections for you to include in your submission, aim to write 500 for each section. I feel like you'll feel like you've accomplished something every time you get the word count of a section done that way than if you focus on the amount of words left!

3. Simplify the Question : When I was doing my Business Law project, I found a lot of it very difficult to understand. Something that I felt assisted me during that dreadful project was simplifying the words of the questions I was asked and writing it down. Something I spent a lot of time doing was searching for synonyms of the words in the questions to find the most comprehensible words to allow me to have the best understanding of what was expected from me.

4. Ask for Help if needed : Asking for help is so bloody difficult. It is mainly because you feel silly and stupid and like nobody else is asking for help. It is extremely likely that people have the same questions as you do so don't be afraid to ask your lecturer what is expected of you. Sometimes, our lecturers don't make it abundantly clear what is expected of us. Build up the courage to ask a question and I guarantee nobody will laugh. There is no such thing as a stupid question.

5. Use Grammarly : Grammarly is the tool I'd most definitely recommend to those who are typing out assignments. It is like a more advanced spelling and grammar checker and will notify you when mistakes have occurred. It will also let you know if you've repeated words and if your language doesn't flow. It is the absolute perfect tool to make yourself sound eloquent and well spoken.

What are your hints and tips for tackling those big assignments?


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  1. I am so glad I don't have to do assignments anymore!

    Meme x

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