21 Random Acts of Kindness


Hey lovelies,

Something that can really make us feel good about ourselves is doing things for others. I don't know about you, but every 2 euro I throw into a charity bucket, every minute I spend helping my friends with a very challenging statistics question or every time I stand up and reserve a seat for an elderly person, I instantly feel better about myself. For today's post, I wanted to focus on serving others. Normally, I consider myself the most important person in my life, the only one I can depend on etc. mainly because I don't have children to be worrying about and my friends and family are well capable of catering for themselves. But every once in a while there is no reason why we shouldn't better ourselves and be kind to those around us. Therefore, today I am sharing a list of kind actions or random acts of kindness that will make both you and somebody else feel good about themselves!

21 Acts of Kindness to brighten somebody's day! 
1. Send someone a cute postcard with a heart-warming message - I have really wanted to send a few bloggers cards with postive and uplifting messages so if you are interested, DM me on twitter @FishnetsxD or email me; ellensmith813@gmail.com . The other day, I randomly gave my boyfriend a card as a spur-of-the-moment kind of thing. It was really something that made him smile. <3

2. Give somebody a long thoughtful comment on their blog or on their instagram - This one certainly relates to us bloggers a lot. I absolutely love it when I hear that people are liking my content, be it my photos on Instagram or my blog posts. You can really tell if a person has put effort into reading a post, it just really reads in their comment!

3. Make dinner for your housemates - This is an act for the kitchen gods and goddesses! If you're good enough at cooking, why not treat the people you live with to a stand-out meal!

4. Leave change in the vending machine and accompany it with a note - I can't tell you how much it makes my day when I get something given to me at no cost whatsoever. Why not treat a stranger to an extra candy bar by leaving your change in the machine. You can also leave them a little note so they'll know it was from you.

5. Offer to tidy your neighbour's house!

6. Pay for the people in the car behind you in a takeaway drive thru.

7. Buy your loved one flowers out of the blue! 

8. Donate money to charity. 

9. Write somebody a nice message on Twitter. 

10. Host a spur-of-the-moment giveaway! 

11. Leave an inspirational note in an unoccupied area in your college or university.

12. Have a random movie night with friends, snacks provided by yourself! 

13. Offer to do a shift at a soup kitchen, they always need an extra pair of hands! 

14. Feed the ducks bread at the park - Who said we couldn't be kind to animals as well?

15. Leave your waiter or waitress at the next restaurant you eat at a random note :) 

16. Make your friend a batch of cupcakes or their favourite sweet snack!

17. Go through your clothes and old things and make a donation to a charity shop!

18. Buy someone a drink at a bar!

19. Let someone behind you in a queue skip ahead! 

20. Call your friend out of the blue and tell them what they mean to you! 

21. Buy a meal for a homeless person!

What acts of kindness do you normally do?


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