10 Uses for Avocados!


Ah the avocado, one of the most talked about fruits since 2014. Full of all those healthy fats as well as having a creamy consistency, it is really a fruit that is an excellent addition to the diet. There are so many ways in which you can use the avocado so I decided that I would share ten different ways you could use it in this post! I hope you enjoy!

1. Make Guacamole - Unless you live under a rock then you'll probably be aware that the avocado is the primary ingredient for making guacamole!

2.  Add it to a smoothie - Avocados make smoothies so damn creamy! They are a very good substitute for yoghurt for vegans!

3. Make a salad - Chop your avocado and other fruit and veggies and make it into a garden salad of your liking!

4. Spread it on toast - Avocado is very very spreadable and makes a perfect spread for toast!

5. Add it as a secret ingredient in brownies - I have seen tonnes of recipes on the net that include the secret ingredient (the avocado). Do a quick google of "Avocado brownies" and you will find yourself a healthier brownie recipe that is just as delicious!

6. Eat it plain - Sometimes the best thing to do with a food is to eat it plain. I have often cut up an avocado and eaten it plain on the side of my dinner.

7. Add it to a sandwich - An avocado is a great sandwich filler. This week I had a sandwich with avocado, tomato, cheese and tuna. The cheese was melted and it was amazing!

8. Make an avocado sauce for your pasta - I finally bit the bullet and tried an avocado sauce with my pasta. It was so good and something different from my regular tomato sauce.

9. Place it on a rice cake - I've never done this but if you can put it on bread why can't you put it on a rice cake?

10. Create your own avocado recipe - There are so many uses for avocados. Why not incorporate it into a recipe you love!

How do you eat your avocados?


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  1. I always spread some avocado on my bread! And avocado pasta is just heavenly <3

  2. Not only are there all of these but there are so many different uses for avocados in beauty! It's like coconut oil!

    Vickie | dearvictoria.co.uk

  3. I love avocados! Me and my boyfriend sometimes make a massive bowl of guacamole and eat it by ourselves because it's just so darn good. I also love to slice up some avocado and put it on rye bread, yum! But the sad thing is that avocados are really expensive at summer time (at least where I live) and summer is the best time to enjoy them.

    Saara Sofia - A Happy Little Blog 

  4. I would probably do anything for avocados, LOL :D. They are soooo delicious! As much as I love different meals, which contain them, sometimes simply grabbing avocado and a spoon is the best option for me.

  5. I do most of these already! Avocados are just so damn amazing! Avocado toast sounds like what I'm going to have now!

  6. What a great selection of ideas! I think I would love it in pasta! Brownies is the one I want to try!
    Fix Me In Forty Five - A Beauty & Lifestyle Blog
    Blog Lovin' // Instagram

  7. I love avocados, but its so damn hard to get one perfectly ripe that it puts me off :( These are all great ideas Ellen! They are also so good in Salsa!
    Shannon || bubblesandfresh.blogspot.ie

  8. All I have to say is AMEN to this post!!

    Style Sunrise☀



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