Paper Haul "Dorkface" Merchandise Review!


Hello lovelies,

I hope you're all well. A little while ago on twitter, Paper Haul recruited a few bloggers to review some of the stationery pieces from one of their collections made by Jemma from the blog Dork Face. When I came home from university to see a box of some of her goodies in my bedroom, I was more than a little excited. Jemma is a  extremely well-known blogger, a talented illustrator and a person who I've been following on the web for quite some time now so I was delighted to provide a little bit of support. I never seem to write about stationery on my blog although I do love having pretty bits of stationery in my back pack for college. So for today's post, I am writing a little review on my blog.

The box included a small assortment of different bits and pieces all neatly wrapped together in a cute blue and white ribbon. I thought it was a really nice touch and meant that the stuff wouldn't explode into a cluster in the box. Some of the items included were a small notepad (perfect for jotting down notes), a typical sized post card with the design of a ginger haired lady on it, a few gift labels, 2 postcards (which I'd like to send to some bloggers) and finally a few note cards with coordinating envelopes to use as you please.  You also get a roll of washy tape!

What really appealed to me about the collection was the vibrancy of colour which shouts "Dorkface" all over it! You can tell it was she who designed this collection if you've seen her work on the net before. I also liked some of the concepts of these designs - embracing your differences and quirkiness. One of the designs has "fabulous" continually written on it, another has "amazing" in the centre. This really encourages self-confidence and I think it's a wonderful message to incorporate in a stationery collection.

The card feels very nice and durable, won't rip in the post or anything! I can't really fault the collection in that department. I really like the feel of the little notebook too! It is flimsy but not too flimsy so you can chuck it in your bag if you're out and about and it doesn't take up massive amounts of space.

I highly recommend that you check Paper Haul's twitter account out and make a small investment in this collection. Paper Haul also have a monthly service and send out stationery monthly. You can check that out here! 
I am very excited to send some of these off and make somebody smile!

What kind of stationery have you been using lately?


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  1. These are so cute! I love the red headed girl :) Thanks for sharing! x

    Holly ∣ Closingwinter

  2. Great post

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  3. Haha totally does shout Dork Face doesn't it, I take it you're part of TheGirlGang?

    Meme xx

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