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Hello Everybody,

I have most definitely lacked a supply of blogposts in recent times and for that, I apologise. During my Easter Break, I was away on a compulsory trip for one of my elective modules and the past week has been spent in bed ill and working on assignments which are still incomplete. I've been feeling a bit frustrated, particularly at my Law assignment. The document of the case we have to study is terribly written and it's extremely difficult to read through the masses of texts it contains. I thought I'd take a wee break from the work and come back to the place where I love to spend my time; my blog.

Before I start to write this post and tell you about the past month, tell me, how have you been and what have you been up to? I've missed hearing from people and getting involved in the lovely twitter conversations. What has everyone been up to for Easter?

 For me personally, March has not shaped up to be the best of months, despite spending a wonderful week in the Gaeltacht An Cheathrú Rua in Galway. The majority of the month seemed to be overall stressful for me. Exams and projects were coming up left, right and centre. Because of this, I felt like I couldn't focus on a lot of things I wanted to focus on, like my blog for example. My time was clogged up by silly assignments and countless hours of being on the edge of tears in complete frustration.

My dad popped up to Dublin twice as he had a work project in the bioscience labs in UCD. It was really nice to not have to think about preparing lunch for the day in college cause I got it bought for me. He also brought up my package from coconut lane to me. I got the cutest elephant earrings as well as two post cards. I wrote a post about it previously in the month and I have a discount code for my readers! Click here to read the post! 

The last week of college before the Easter holidays had me in an awful peculiar mood. I was a bit sick of college and very stressed out because of the workload. I wasn't happy in the way some people had treated me and it had me down for the week. On the Thursday of that week, there was a French Soc debate going on in Trinity so I decided that I'd pop to town a while beforehand. I met with Cathal and we got an absolutely lovely hot chocolate in a nearby place called Café Tri Via. Afterwards, Cathal had a big chunk of course work to get down to, so I headed to Lush and Tiger for a bit of retail therapy. If going to these places doesn't cheer you up, I don't know what will. I decided to try a few of the Lush Easter bits. I would have loved to be able to review some of them but of course, I was stuck in bed coughing up a lung! I really liked the shower jelly "Bouncy Bunny". I adore citrus scents and just thought it was a nice product. In Tiger I bought a few snacks as I had an induction course for the Gaeltacht and a trip to the UCD research farm in Kildare the following day.

The trip to the farm was fairly dull. We went through the safety hazards associated with farming practices. I absolutely love baby farm animals, they're so cute!!! The trip meant that I'd be arriving home at a late hour and had very limited time to plan and schedule blog posts as well as pack for my week to the Gaeltacht!

I cannot stress how amazing my trip to the Gaeltacht was. I think I'd need to write a whole seperate post to put across the amount of fun I had there! Coming from an all speaking Irish secondary school, it may be a surprise to some that I had never had the three weeks experience in the Gaeltacht over a summer. When I discovered that my elective Irish module in "Teanga na Gaeilge II" had a compulsory trip to the Gaeltacht I was very excited. I feel like the first week of Easter should be used as a total break from studies. Last year when I went to Nice with French Soc, I felt so refreshed after the trip. Barely knowing anyone in my class in the Gaeltacht was something that made me nervous but it was fine in the end. We spent 6 nights in a row drinking and going out in Ceathrú Rua to the pubs, while the days were spent taking part in classes. I have definitely made a few friends have allowed myself to speak my second language in everyday conversation again. We were allowed to spend Saint Patrick's Day experiencing the Parade in Ceathrú Rua which was great! The only fault I can give my experience is that I came back feeling under the weather!

The past week has been painful. I've been lacking energy and motivation and have tried to finish projects to get them out of the way so I can plan to study for my finals in May. Need to keep my GPA up to scratch to keep my current place in Purdue University. Hopefully, April will bring about a more eventful month.


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  1. Lovely Instagram!

  2. Good luck with your studies, I had the same issue in March as my dissertation was due a couple of weeks ago and it all feels too overwhelming, but just make sure to give yourself time to relax as well as that's really important :) hope April brings better things! xx

  3. Awesome photos! Love your Instagram feed! =)

    - Cielo
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  4. In love with your page girl. Would love to connect with you, check out my blog and giveaway worth £150!

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