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Hey lovelies, 

I hope you are all doing well. As this post is published, I shall be away in Galway. I am going to a Gaeltacht as a part of my elective module for my first week of Easter Holidays!

One of the things that are an absolute necessity for me in my makeup collection are makeup brushes. I need them to blend in the eye shadow in the crease of my eye or to perfect that contour. However, collecting brushes from Real Techniques has proved to be quite expensive, so I decided that I would go on the hunt for some cheaper alternatives on ebay!

One of the sets that caught my eye was a ten piece kabuki face and eye brush set which seemed to resemble Zoeva brushes that many beauty gurus would be familiar with. At a price of approximately £4.99, I thought that I may as well go for it! I mean, if they ended up being crappy brushes they could always be used as props for makeup flat lay pictures on Instagram! So I proceeded to buy these and clicked "Purchase now".

The product arrived exactly when stated on the website, they always provide a wide margin of when to expect the delivery, but I was happy to get it on my first weekend home in a long time. When I opened the package, all of the brushes all had a plastic cover for protection on them. I thought that it was a really nice touch. I opted for the black ones with silver handles, but there were two other colours available. When I removed  the excess packaging, I proceeded to feel what were very soft brushes, definitely not as dense as my real technique brushes but definitely just as soft. My only fault with the product initially is that it didn't come with a bag despite the photo on eBay quite evidently displaying a bag behind  the brush set.

The set provides you with ten brushes of kabuki style, five which I'd describe as face brushes and the other five as eye brushes. You could use one of the small brushes for concealer if you wanted to also! Ebay states that the ten brushes are a precision face brush, a flat top buffing foundation brush, a blush brush, a face powder brush, a powder blush brush, a flat top shadow brush, an angle flat top shadow brush, an eyeshadow brush, a blooming brush and a blooming brush detail powder brush!

I didn't really pay much attention to what each brush was or their functions and decided to use the brushes as I pleased or felt was natural. So now, I shall share my verdict on how good these brushes are when it comes to using them. I decided to try these during the week and see how they compared to the Real Technique Brushes I am ever so used to using.

I used the dome shape brush originally for concealer until I read that it was actually meant for blush. I think it has a great shape to slide under the eyes.

One of the kabuki brushes is fairly good for powder or buffing in foundation. It's the second one from the right in the picture. I feel like it doesn't apply all of the product like my real technique brushes do.

Three of the kabuki brushes are flat, two have a certain angle to them while one is flat. I did try contouring with one of the brushes and it gave me a subtle glow, probably less than I'd normally go for. I also noticed two hairs on my face while applying foundation with one of these brushes.

Please bare in mind I have only applied make up a couple of times with these. I haven't seen how these have resulted from being washed. 

I most definitely think that I preferred the eye brushes to the face brushes in this collection. I normally don't dedicate masses of time to my eye makeup and hence don't see too many differences in eye brushes. As long as I have a brush that will blend quite easily and apply the product I am satisfied. I feel like these brushes delivered quite well in that respect. The dome-shaped eye brush was a nice idea for applying a highlight shade on the upper eye bone. I usually end up blending a highlight shade with my finger if I remember that step in my routine.

Overall, I feel like you are getting a good deal for the price. They are aesthetically appealing, look good in photographs, you have a great set of eye brushes and an average set of face brushes.

This product is available here! 

Have you ever bought a set of brushes on ebay?
What did you think?


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  1. I love a good makeup brush! This set sounds really great :)


  2. I've heard the eBay brushes can be surprisingly good. Of course they're no Sigma or Mac but good for somebody who's not looking anything too professional.



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