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Hey lovelies,

I hope all is going well. Today I wanted to share one of my recent discoveries with you guys which is Coconut Lane. Coconut Lane is a quirky newly established online shop which supplies a variety of products. Some of the products they supply include postcards as well as jewellery, and accessories for your phones etc. I received an email from them recently where they told me my vibe appealed to them and they wanted me to be a Coconut Lane ambassador for them.

One of the things being an ambassador entails is supplying my readers with a 20% discount code which enables you guys to get discounts on your products. Their website with their large variety of cute things is available here! To get 20% off, simply use the code FISHNETSXD20 when placing your order.

I thought it would be a nice idea to share some of the things available from Coconut Lane on my blog to portray how adorable some of the designs of the products are from the website. I made an order of two postcards and the sweetest pair of earrings ever! They're Elephants for crying out loud! I am never bothered wearing earrings despite having my ears pierced for ten years but these will surely change my mind.

I also got two postcards. One says "I love you more than pineapples" and the other says "You are better than sparkles and unicorns combined". I have decided to start collecting postcards and send them to bloggers every month so if you would like one send me a private message on Twitter! 

Have you ever shopped with Coconut Lane before?


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  1. Oh wow this brand looks amazing!! I do love cards like this in frames and the unicorn one is just perfect! Must check them out!
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  2. These are too adorable! I love the Pineapple one. xD


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