5 more things I've learnt from my time in Uni.


Hello lovelies,

I hope you're all well. It was around this time last year when I wrote one of my most popular posts "Things I have learnt from a year in Uni". I kind of forgot how much I loved writing those kinds of posts, mainly because they were personal and I feel like I was sharing something with you all. So, I thought that I'd start to write these kinds of posts again. I figured that this time I'd write something similar to that post last year. A lot has changed since I was a little first year finding my way around UCD.

More things I have learnt from being in University!

1. It is difficult to stay in contact with people -

  It can be extremely difficult to stay in contact with friends who aren't in your course when you're in college. Usually, you'll stay with those in your area of study and might find it difficult to find time for those other friends of yours that you made last year. One of my best friends from home started his first year in a Film Making course not too far from UCD and despite this, only managed to visit my house in Dublin for the first time after the first semester ended. Although we don't see each other all the time, that doesn't mean we don't care about each other. We are just busy getting up to our own things and we both understand this.

2. You'll get a lot more comfortable around people in your course in 2nd year - Something that was important to me when starting college was establishing relationships with people in my area of study. At the start of my experience in UCD, I seemed to be a little bit shy, but I made friends in my own time. Only one of these friends of mine were studying Food and Agri-Business, whereas others focused on areas such as Animal and Crop production etc. For awhile, I thought that I'd never get talking to people in my area of study. That seemed to change as general classes like Chemistry and Physics stopped and we were put in modules more relevant to our study. Now I'd be comfortable enough to work with anybody in my course just about if I were put in a group with them.

3. You will never attend all of your lectures - 
In school, attendance was always my strong point. I'd never miss much more than a day or two of school and it stayed that way until I took days off of school to study for my Leaving Cert. In college, I attend most of my lectures, but it is ridiculous to expect someone to attend all of their classes. Something will always come up and get in the way, there is no avoiding it.

4. Establishing relationships with your coordinator is very worthwhile - 
University is much different to school. I went to a small school and because of that I was very comfortable approaching teachers and school staff if problems ever arose. It can be a little bit daunting for students to look for help in University as they are overwhelmed by the number of facilities that are out there! It is definitely worthwhile getting to know your course coordinator. I managed to get to know mine better by being involved with applying to Purdue University. If you're having trouble in your course they can be a pretty useful resource for you if you need assistance in any shape or form!

5. Nobody is going to tell you what you need to do - This is something I learnt awhile ago but I never included it in a post. Nobody is going to remind you of your upcoming tests, due dates and what is expected of you in exams etc. In University, the focus is on independence and you are not spoon fed like you were in school. Lecturers don't care if you haven't handed up your assignment so the responsibility ultimately rests  with you.

What are some of the things  you've learnt from being in Uni?


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  1. Gosh Uni feels like forever away but you are so right, no-one tells you what to do and lecturers don't care compared to how school teachers would be, so it's all down to you x

    Beauty with charm

  2. I love posts like this! I definitely think that lots of this things that can apply to most people in college as well, in the UK after school x

    Thrifty vintage fashion

  3. Such great lessons to learn though. Always do the best you can :)


  4. I went to college for one year and I definitely learned #5 right away. They definitely don't baby you and the professors will tell you they don't care if you do your homework or not, they are still getting paid either way! It's a big wake up call for all the recent high school graduates!

  5. Really great to read what you've been through :)



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