21 things to add to a spring Instagram theme!


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You guessed it! I am posting another Instagram related post. The addiction is only strengthening. Soon I'll need to get serious professional help hahaha. If you're just as much a fan of this photo-sharing website and application as I am, then you may know that a lot of people like to keep a theme on their profiles. I personally have tried to have a spring related theme so I thought that I'd share a few ideas on things you could add to a spring related Instagram theme!

Making a seasonal theme on your Instagram isn't too difficult as you can make anything associated with it. Hopefully you'll feel inspired with some of the ideas I have put on my list.

21 Things to add to your Spring Instagram Theme!
1. Daffodils - They're always around during Spring time and brighten up an Instagram!

2.  Daisies!

3. What cold treats have you been indulging in? Why not share an ice lolly or an ice-cream you've eaten!

4. Have you visited the seaside? Take a picture of the sandy beach!

5. A bunch of flowers - There are flowers other than daffodils that can brighten up your spring theme. Why not capture an image of peonies or poppies for example!

6.  Have you had a dip in the water? Why not capture the beauty of the sea on your Instagram Profile.

7. Have you new swim wear to flaunt? Show off the bikini or swimsuit you've been wearing.

8. Have you eaten a nice summery smoothie lately? Show your juicy drink off on Instagram!

9. Show off your favourite nude lipsticks appropriate for Spring or Summer.

10. Flaunt your Outfit of the day for the spring time - cute dresses, skirts. whatever you please.

11. Have you bought any spring scented candles in recent times? Why not show them off on Instagram?

12. Have you hung out with friends recently? Why not take some spring themed photos and have some fun!

13. Lush often release some spring-themed products which could really add to your instagram theme!

14. Have you done some spring baking? Share the bits you've prepared and make all of your followers jealous!

15. Have you felt inspired by art work? Let it inspire others by sharing it on your profile.

16. Have you travelled somewhere new? Share the architecture and the scenery from your voyage!

17.  Tried a new restaurant? Evoke envy in your followers by sharing a picture of a delicious meal you've eaten!

18. Have you painted your nails? Display your pastel coloured and spring decorated nails on Instagram.

19. Have you redecorated? Display your bedroom or any other room of the house on Instagram.

20. Share a picture of nature or animals related to spring - birds, insects, you name it!

21. Share a selfie where maybe you've dressed in a spring outfit or completed a spring make up look!

What kind of Instagram theme do you have and what kind of photos do you upload to fit that theme?


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  1. Hi dear :D

    thanks a lot for this posts!!! I really love this tips :D So useful!

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  2. Great options! I always lack in these creative ideas. >.> haha


  3. There are some really great ideas in this post, thanks for sharing :) x

    Holly ∣ Closingwinter

  4. Great post hun! So stunning.

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  5. Hi dear! You have a fantastic blog, I really like it! Follow each other? Let me know!

  6. Pastel nails all the way, Avon have just brought out their new range of pastels and I think I am going to buy every colour!

    Meme xx

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  7. Thanks for the ideas, I need to get posting!!
    Have a lovely day :)
    Rosanna x
    Rose's Rooftop


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