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Hello lovelies,

I hope that all is well. It has been quite a while since I did a tag last, so I thought that I may as well tackle another one when I was tagged by the beautiful Yana last week. Yana is a sixteen-year-old blogger who writes the beauty blog "Time with Yana". She updates twice a week so it is definitely worth checking her blog out every now and again!! Her Instagram is also insanely good, especially if you love flat lays!!!

 Anyway, it is about time I carry on with the tag! I will basically be answering a series of questions which all relate to lip products. Some of us love bronzers, others blushers or even eyeshadows. Personally, I feel like a perfect lip product really transforms a look. I don't have a tonne of lipsticks but I thought I would attempt the tag nonetheless!

Question 1: What is your favourite balm or treatment?  

This probably sounds very bad, but I don't regularly treat my lips. I probably should because I do have tendencies to get very dry lips now and again. I sometimes put vaseline on, but very rarely. I do however put on a balm in a yellow tube packaging. It was very popular among bloggers and very moisturising on the lips. I should probably make more of an effort to treat my lips better!

Question 2: What is your favourite eye-catching red?
I am lucky enough that reds do tend to look good on me. I am extremely loyal to the Rimmel London Kate Moss collection when it comes to considering my favourite red lip products. 107 is my main red. I actually am in desperate need of a new one!

Question 3: Best Luxury and best drugstore product? 
If I am completely honest, I haven't tried a terrible amount of luxury lipsticks, especially because they are so darn pricey! Why buy 1 when you can buy six for the same price? The only one I have that would be considered reasonably luxurious is Mac's "Up the amp" which only seems to suit me during the summer months. It's a bright purple-y pink. I have a dupe for Charlotte Tilbury's "Glaston Berry" which I assume I would love if I ever try it!

When it comes to drug store though it can be hard to choose. Makeup revolution has some pretty good ones. I think I am going to have to go with my Rimmel London Lasting Finish in 48 which is a 90s style brown. I think these babies just last ages!

Question 4: Best Mac Lipstick? 

This is another difficult question for me to answer as I only have one Mac Lipstick and not much to compare it to! I have been meaning to pick up a nude like "Brave" or "Velvet Teddy" though because there is such a hype surrounding these products.

Question 5: Most disappointing lip product? 
When it comes to disappointing lip products, not many have made me lose my faith completely in a brand. I have however have lacked satisfaction in some lip products. One of these products was a lipstick from the pink packaged collection from Makeup Revolution called "I <3 Makeup". The particular shade was a coral colour called "Happy Girl". While the pink packaging was something stand-out and unique about the product, the application of this lipstick was pretty much impossible. You had to literally press the lipstick against your lips to get anything on your lips and it would come out very sloppy on your mouth. I'd never purchase a product from this collection again because of this. I currently use the product as a prop for photos if it is ever lingering around on my Instagram.

Question 6: Lip Liner: Yes or No? 

I don't wear lip liner at all if I am completely frank but I do think it makes you look so much better. It provides more definition and makes your lips look bigger. I definitely should do this more often!

Question 7: Favourite Lip gloss? 

I don't really have any lip glosses and I haven't found one I am in love with. I do want to order some of Tanya Burr's though!

I tag the following people to do the tag: 

Kelsey and Kenecha From Floral and Smiles

Ali Nuta from Beauty with Charm 

Caitlin from Through the Mirror 

And anybody else who wants to!!!

What is your favourite lip product?
 Let me know in the comments.


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  1. I love lipsticks. They are one of my favourite things to wear in winter. Rimmel lipsticks are my all-time favourites and I can't get over them. Great post.


  2. Thank you for your sweet words at the beginning! <3
    Rimmel Lasting Finish in 48 is such a gorgeous lipstick! I've been trying to buy it for ages, but it usually sold out in the shops. I think I'll have to place an order on Feelunique instead :) x

    1. 48 is honestly one of my faves. I've been loving browns, reds and nudes lately. <3

  3. Replies
    1. I really recommend 48. It's in my instagram and twitter profile pictures if you wanna see what it looks like :)

  4. I use lip liner sometimes but not very often. I also really like all these shades!


  5. This is such a fun tag. I always wear lip liner no matter what shade I am using.


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