The Flush of Love: Max Factor Gorgeous Berries review!


Hey, love bugs!

I don't know about you? But for me, I deeply associate Valentines Day with blusher more than any other cosmetic item. In January, I had this in mind when I decided to purchase the Max Factor Blusher in the shade Gorgeous Berries and I thought that in light of the Romantic holiday, I would write this review for you.

This glorious blend of pink and purple is one of the most stunning blush products I have set eyes on in my life. The black and gold colour packaging surrounding the transparent lid of the product really makes the product appear more expensive and luxurious than it is in reality. I think it looks really pretty on display because of this.

Marketed at €11.49 in boots, or often in a 2 for 3 offer, this product provides you with a lot of things which really make it worth the small fortune. Firstly, as I have said the packaging looks great and I find it is very durable. No need to worry about the little circular box breaking or opening in your makeup bag. I feel like it fastens quite tightly and has some pretty reliable packaging.

Next, I shall be discussing the product itself. I am not normally one to opt for a stand out blush product like this. I really bought this product because I thought it would look pretty for photographs, but when I tried it, my opinion of it completely transformed. I applied a tiny amount to my cheeks which blended like a dream and found that it gave a rosy bit of life to my face. I really thought I'd end up looking bizarre like a circus clown or something.

As you only have to apply a small amount, I feel like this product will last ages. I also feel like it would suit a variety of skin tones from pale to dark as long as they don't apply too much.

Have you bought this product? What did you think of it??


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  1. Blush definitely compliments Valentines Day.<3


    1. I definitely thought it was a good fit :)

  2. It looks like an incredible blush, so pretty! I must try it myself :) Great post Ellen :)
    Shannon ||


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